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  1. K

    Second version of Gas Bottle Wood Stove

    Nice work pal....
  2. K

    A knife, an axe, a saw.

    A golock or a off both worlds
  3. K

    danish army axe and converted british machette for trade

    Nice chatting John..Looking forward to your call. Barry
  4. K

    My Paracord dog leads

    Nice work...You should start selling them pal
  5. K

    Estwing Sportsman’s Axe E24A Review

    I have a few of there Axes..used them for years..never had a problem with them and they take and hold a really good edge...going to order there large campers Axe now... Barry
  6. K

    HUGE storm kettle!

    great stoves ..just tested mine,,the speed it boils is fantastic. Barry
  7. K

    Photo's of Axes and the like

    Stunning Axes mate...I am going to have to get myself one. Barry
  8. K

    HUGE storm kettle!

    great revue..just got mine today for base camp..not had chance to test it yet..but I am sure it will be fine. Barry
  9. K

    Dog bowl stove

    Looking great
  10. K

    December Meet At Colehayes Report!

    Looks great..I need to get out more
  11. K

    Project supplies - Cordura & Clips

    You can get the buckles here..I just got some for my Burgen. Barry
  12. K

    Dutch mug lids???

    Me too..but I have been a little unsure what to order
  13. K

    Crusader cup lids FS.

    Thanks for the post..I think its time I ordered a few
  14. K

    Old school woodwork benches ?

    Hi Paul...not sure how old the post is but I have one the same as your pic I no longer use...PM me if still interested Thanks