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  1. Celt_Ginger

    Garden Visitor

    Not many Adders here as St Patrick kicked them all out, (allegedly), lol
  2. Celt_Ginger

    Garden Visitor

    My freezer is full of Pheasant. I simply fed this one, watched him for a while and let him go on his way. I didn't want to take him just because I could.
  3. Celt_Ginger

    Garden Visitor

    I get lots of birds visiting my bird table all year round and, as i live in a very rural area close to a Shoot, I often get the Game Birds coming into the garden. This fellow was quite tame and I even had him taking seeds from my hand.
  4. Celt_Ginger

    Ray's folding Griddle.

    In a word..................No.
  5. Celt_Ginger

    Ray's folding Griddle.

    Not content with getting GB to copy my Cegga axe goodjob, I see that he has also coppied my folding griddle. It's VERY similar, only mine is better. :o and It was made long before Ray designed his! :nono: I'm only...
  6. Celt_Ginger

    Uncle Rays New Signature Axe

    It's outrageous! I designed an axe just like that a couple of years ago and had Cegga make it up for me. It's a breech of my copyright! (Only kidding Ray) Though I do have a Cegga axe that is pretty similar to Rays new one.
  7. Celt_Ginger

    A Winter get together (pic heavy)

    Great pictures. Paul and I were gutted that we were not able to make it over. Ahh well, mayby next year.
  8. Celt_Ginger

    Bonnie Scotland

    Look at you with your 1000yard stare. I bet you had a big snowball fight as well, lol
  9. Celt_Ginger

    Gaining permission to use land

    We have a number of permissions, Biggest one being the whole of a District Council owned Country Park where we have exclusive permission for Bushcraft and wild camping. We have a number of others as well, both privately owned and public/charity owned.
  10. Celt_Ginger

    Gotlands axe

    Nice one Cegga. That looks great.
  11. Celt_Ginger

    Bone hooks

    Ohh, theyll get tested all right, and thanks! I've not been called "babe" before, especially as I'm a hairy A*sed Irishman the wrong side of 40! :o
  12. Celt_Ginger

    Bone hooks

    Here are some bone fish hooks. Not worked with flint and abrasive stones, but I didn't use any electrical tools to make them either. Fret saw, hand files, Pin vice to drill the eyes and smoothed with emery cloth.
  13. Celt_Ginger

    What's Your Favourite Rhyme in a Lyric?

    Yer the onions in me burger, yer the sugar in me tea, So horse it into ya Cynthia fer yer the girl fer me. By Conal Gallen
  14. Celt_Ginger

    Military Mart. ...Be warned

    The knife was sent back on the 24th of September. I even emailed you pictures of the proof of postage as requested................................ Yet......................................I'm still waiting. It's a poor show I'm afraid.
  15. Celt_Ginger

    Mini feather sticks

    Excellent idea!
  16. Celt_Ginger

    Ray Mears lecture tour 2010

    I was at the Belfast show last night as well. I really enjoyed it. The interviewer,Brian Black, is a respected Wildlife film maker and has been to many of the remote and wild places that Ray himself had visited during his travels. His questions to Ray I found insightful and enlightening. We...
  17. Celt_Ginger

    A pair of littl' uns compared...

    I've been extolling the virtues of smaller knives for years. My current users are a Erik Frost 106 and a Mora classic No1.
  18. Celt_Ginger

    Exped Synmat or Downmat

    I have a Synmat 7DLX and i love it. Good points......It's really comfortable, Pack size is small, Our damp climate isn't as much of an issue than with the Down version Bad points..... Is doesn't fit inside a bivibag and still leave enough room for me to fit in as well. It takes a little while...
  19. Celt_Ginger

    Sobriety test

    Phwworrr. She's a bit tasty.
  20. Celt_Ginger

    Mora and rust

    I wouldn't really worry about it. Rub the surface rust off with some wire wool or fine sand paper, oil the blade and then carry on as normal. If it gets worse, well it's a great excuse to buy a new one.