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  1. Nichola

    Help with husbands pressie

    Thanks guys, all the advice was brilliant. Gave me some really good ideas. a12jpm, i'm sorry you get no sleep! Thank god they grow out of teething! Nichola
  2. Nichola

    Help with husbands pressie

    Hi, It's coming up for my husbands birthday soon. We are both really into bushcraft stuff and have all the basic equipment, sleeping stuff, good knife, laplander saw, eating utensils, fire lighting equipment etc. We also have loads of bushcrafty books. Any ideas on stuff i can get him would...
  3. Nichola

    Alone in the wilderness

    Thanks guys. Will get both the books and the DVD i think. Thanks for all your help and info. Those going to the middlewood meet- see you there!
  4. Nichola

    Alone in the wilderness

    Hi guys! I've seen or read something about a DVD called 'alone in the wilderness'. Apparently it's about a guy who goes out into the wilderness and builds a home and a life out in the wilderness. I've looked on for this but no joy! I've found it on and but neither...
  5. Nichola

    What to do?

    I agree totally, i wouldn't feel safe sleeping anywhere near those guys. Total idiots!!! It's people like that that make it unsafe (and undesirable) for the rest of us to go into the woods!!!! Where abouts do you live? You could maybe go to one of your local BCUK meets and meet some people...
  6. Nichola

    Midland game fair

    Where is the midland game fair? What will be going on there?
  7. Nichola

    how many of us are first aid trained?

    I did my first aid training when i did my nursing degree, no certificate but hopefully the qualification won't run out!! (We have to do yearly CPR etc at work). Has anyone seen the wilderness medical training programme run in the lake district? It runs over a week and i'm really tempted to do...
  8. Nichola

    how many of us are first aid trained?

    I trained in first aid when i did my nursing degree, not got a certificate but hopefully the qualification won't ever run out!!! (Do CPR updates etc every year at work). Has anyone seen the wilderness medical trainning course run in the lake district over a week. I'm really tempted but i...
  9. Nichola

    Where is your favourite place to camp?

    Hi everyone. Just wondering where everyones favourite place to camp is, and why? Having only camped twice so far i would have to say that mine is a pine forest in Ayre. We were so far from anywhere and the place was very peaceful. We had a huge campfire in a designated stoned off area and...
  10. Nichola

    very, very new to bushcraft

    Thanks Wayland. I haven't, but i will! Nichola
  11. Nichola

    Middlewood Scout Camp Meet

    Thanks for the advice. We've got a tarp, sleeping bags, bivvy bags and roll mats. Do you think this will be enough? I could probably borrow a tent off my mum if not?? Just to add to the list of numbers, my husband Paul (dibble on the forum) will also be coming (work permitting). Looking forward...
  12. Nichola

    Middlewood Scout Camp Meet

    Great to hear there's a meet so close to where i live! Would love to come, but as i only got into bushcraft about 3 months ago i'm a bit unsure what i will need for a winter camp? Could anyone give me some tips??? Also, will this meet be more for experienced bushcrafters or will it be accessable...
  13. Nichola

    anyone from Blackburn area?

    Hi, I live in Penwortham (near Preston). Amazing how many people with the same interests live close by!!
  14. Nichola

    what does it all mean???

    Hi everyone! Thanks so much to everyone for their reply. I've now got my avitar working!! Hurray!!!
  15. Nichola

    what does it all mean???

    Hi everyone. I've been a member of BCUK for about 3 months now. I've noticed that under certain peoples names and picture is a title for example: native and settler. What does this mean? Is it a full member thing? Also, i've got my little pic up on my profile and i can see it when i log in...
  16. Nichola

    Tribe on DVD?

    Thanks! Will definitely be buying those. Thanks again, Nichola
  17. Nichola

    Tribe on DVD?

    Hi, does anyone know if you can buy 'tribe' on DVD? I've looked on but no joy! Any info would be great, thanks, Nichola
  18. Nichola

    Favourite Books

    What a great thread! I have shelves and shelves of books but it looks like i'm going to have to buy a few more. I'm afraid that i too have a Bear Grylls book (again, bought for me as a pressie). Favourite bushcraft books: All of the Tom Brown books (but especially 'the tracker'). Ray...
  19. Nichola

    Favourite movie

    Has anyone seen 'The Hunted' with Benico del Toro. It's a great action movie and is supposed to be roughly based on Tom Brown's experiences with the armed forces. The extras have a great bit with Tom Brown showing everyone some tracking skills. Not to be missed. Other favourite films...
  20. Nichola


    Thanks Greg, will have a go tonight.