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    Pine Tar Soap

    I got mine delivered and am still using it! Lovely smell!
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    Under quilt pre-attached

    It takes me a while to set up camp sometimes. Not really a problem but I would rather be sitting around having a beer or getting on with other things rather than fiddling g around with hammock quilts. Last time I took down my set up I realised that my DD front line and DD under quilt just...
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    She loves me really.

    Great rum to drink neat but also makes a great limey rummack (spiced rum, firey ginger beer, muddled lime, ice). There are many similar drinks but only mine is called the limey rummack. When opening you have to yell "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!" Or it won't taste as good and you might get the black...
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    Native, wild hops in the UK

    As a brewer and hops grower ill wade in. Growing from seed can be risky as the hops species grow separate male and female species. The males don't grow cones for use in brewing so if you want to grow a plant for beer making then you should look online and buy hop rhizomes. I've had a few...
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    Surf trip

    So I'm a surfer. Not a good one but eager non the less. I live in Reading and the nearest surf beach is croyde in Devon - a good 3.5hrs drive away. For this reason I head down on Fridays after work if the forecast is good and back on Sunday to make the most of it. The problem is plenty of...
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    hobo or honey

    I love a good thread resurrection! I've used my hobo gassifier... should probably say (hobo wood-gassifier) a few times now and it works just fine. Need to put a stand on it but by faithful feline has already polished off some waitrose fancy tinned cat food. Empty tin should be about the right...
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    Camping with dogs?

    Used to work in a vets and fear of fireworks or thunder is very common. One thing we taught is to not make a fuss. The dog looks to you as it's pack leader and if you're making a big fuss after a loud bang it thinks something must be wrong. If you're as chill as possible even to the point of...
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    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Who's got 2 thumbs and is the first to use his new kit in anger? ... THIS GUY! !!
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    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Annoyingly mine came to my work address at 8.30 but id left my laptop at home so had to go all the way home and back again!
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    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Congrats Kai. Accept your well earned reward!
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    Forum glitch?

    New posts is working again! Huzzah!
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    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Awesome! knowing DDs delivery speed I might even get it for my Friday night camp at my newly agreed permanent spot :D happy days
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    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    exciting times! Just looked and last year GGTBod was first to receive his hammock (despite being 13th in the list as many protested about) His reward on top of getting his goodies first was a giant high five from me sent via them interwebs - i extend the same reward this year First to post a...
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    Does anyone have experience with Tentipi 15?

    Time to build a yurt mate :)
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    Forum glitch?

    :( I'm still getting the new posts glitch im afraid
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    Hanging rope (for hammocks of course)

    Well if you all think whoopie slings are all that I might as well try them. Especially as a kindly forum member had already offered to make me a pair! Thanks for all your input everyone. I'll play around with a few set ups and no doubt come to the same conclusion as you all have already?
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    Hanging rope (for hammocks of course)

    I'm looking to replace the cordage on the DD front line with something with a bit less bulk, give and weight. I know amsteel is often suggested but I hear it doesn't hold knots too well! I was looking at the 3 or 4 mm edelrid chord from the cotswold outdoor website Has anyone tried...
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    DD Hammocks group buy 2016

    Money well spent. Now just got to wait for the delivery :D
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    Uncle ray at high wycombe

    Morning all. I just bought a ticket to go see Mr mears speak at high wycombe. My partner in crime and life (swmbo) is busy that night so I'm flying solo. If anyone else is going and fancies a pint (possibly of OJ and lemonade as im driving) before or after then let me know or drop me a PM...
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    Mash Paddle

    Could do worth one of them! My old plastic spoon gets a bit floppy at high temps. Drop me PM if you ever venture into full grain! Its all downhill from there :)