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  1. BorderReiver

    Unsuspected danger off road

  2. BorderReiver

    Dog and game fairs

    What do folks do when at game fairs on their own with a dog, and they need a pee? You hear too many stories of dogs being stolen.:(
  3. BorderReiver

    Crow attacking rabbit.

    First time for me; walking towards St Abbs Head, I saw a couple of herring gulls mobbing a crow on the ground. The crow chased them off and I saw his food "rolling" down the hill. The food got up and ran back up the hill, it was a young rabbit. The crow was still trying to subdue the bunny as...
  4. BorderReiver

    What's this please?

    On a birch tree, about the size of half a pingpong ball, soft like a marshmallow. And what's this wee beastie with the looong nose?
  5. BorderReiver

    SPF of fabrics

    This is from an advert but interesting all the same.:) Wool for summer
  6. BorderReiver

    This week's interest so far

    A Fomes Nursery My "Interesting Fauna" Finder Young Grass Snake
  7. BorderReiver

    Wellies with good stiff soles?

    Any recommendations for wellies with "walking boot" type soles? Sometimes the ground in "my" woods is covered by a series of lakes and I'm forced into wellies to go bimbling. Trouble is I suffer from painful big toe joints and I need a good stiff soled boot to be comfortable.
  8. BorderReiver

    Adaptable fungus

    There was a small horses hoof growing on the dead trunk and when the trunk fell over the fungus sprouted in a new orientation. Clever eh?:) This is my "pet" Fomes a year or two ago: and today:
  9. BorderReiver

    Lars across Canada

    Coast to Coast On I player, in Gaelic (with subtitles).
  10. BorderReiver

    How best to attach snowshoes to rucksack?

    I've used snowshoes a few times but never carried them. How do I attach them to a rucksack when not being used?
  11. BorderReiver

    Platypus in the cold?

    Anyone got any experience of using a platypus style water bag in sub zero temperatures? Mine has a neoprene sleeve on the tube but I doubt if that will be effective.
  12. BorderReiver

    Air pistol for rabbits?

    My Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is a dab hand at finding and pointing out bunnies in bushes. Now I am rubbish with a throwing stick; the bunnies are in a bush and can't be whacked with a walking stick; when they run off the dog's after them (not trained). Question: Is it legal and is an...
  13. BorderReiver

    "Extra" bits on clothes.

    Is it just me, or do other folks sometimes wonder what the extra bits, which appear on shirts, jackets and trousers, like tabs, buttons, poppers etc are for? I would like to have a little card attached to the garment, along with the other bits of card, pointing out the features and what their...
  14. BorderReiver

    ID a Moth please?

    Don't recognise this one. Anyone know what it is please?
  15. BorderReiver

    Today's Adder

    Can't find the relevant thread, sorry.:rolleyes: My dog found this one.:eek: Luckily he was very unsure about it. I couldn't manage a better picture as the dog moved in when I did. EDIT: Having seen the picture, I now believe that it's a grass snake, not an adder.:o :o
  16. BorderReiver

    How it's done in Norway.

    Spent last week walking in the Voss region of Norway. We came across this set up on one of the walks. The view down into the valley. This was on a public path and was available to anyone. The saw was a bit rusty.:rolleyes:
  17. BorderReiver


    Almost trod on this little chap today.:eek: Luckily I noticed him just in time and avoided hurting him.:)
  18. BorderReiver

    Rocket Stove?

    Anybody tried one of these? Rocket Stove
  19. BorderReiver

    Two complementary Outdoorsshow tickets.

    First to post gets two free tickets. Make it quick so I can get them posted in time.
  20. BorderReiver

    Modern Technology, pah!

    I was out in my local wood as usual this morning with my dogs. Took my GPS to get a map ref on a tree which has been uprooted by the wind and is hanging over power lines. Now, I was walking through the woods, on my usual path and waiting for the GPS to get a fix on satellites, when I...