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  1. jdlenton


    This is unbelievably sad I've not seen him for a couple of years. Really sad to think we won't see him again!!!!!
  2. jdlenton

    Paracord Honey Basket

    thanks dean I'll get making one now it was good to see both you and the basket at the moot same again next year :)
  3. jdlenton

    French Windlass

    thats very cool thanks wayland I'll give it a go when i next get out
  4. jdlenton

    Bog Iron

    thats cool Toddy never heard of that before :)
  5. jdlenton

    i couldnt resist any longer sorry

    I'll be there : )
  6. jdlenton

    100 materials for tinder

    1: cotton 2: Birch bark 3: Dried grass 4: Charcloth 5: Tin of Maya dust 6: Horseshoe fungus 7: Old mans beard 8: Old mans belly button fluff 9: greater reedmace sead 10: honeysuckle bark 11: twigs that are pencil lead thick 12: rose bay willow herb down (the best) 13: thisel down...
  7. jdlenton

    Supplier of plastic Net Making needles

    Sorry didn't see this earlier I was the leader on said workshop. The name you have for the needles looks correct I know them as Norwegian needle however a bough them in France!!! they can be made from a green ash stick ab out 1inch in diameter and ten inches long. Cut in the channels and...
  8. jdlenton

    January 2011 Rough Close Meet - Pic Heavy

    I had a good day on saturday it was nice to meet you all and see rough close for the first time :)
  9. jdlenton

    Metal Spinning your own Billys, Mugs etc

    I've spun before its hard work but can produce some really good results. Never done it on a metal lathe as you'll have to make a special tool post as well as your tools and i have somewhere in the back of my head that there is a problem with torque/speed on metal lathes rather than spinning...
  10. jdlenton

    a under rated Bushcraft skill

    I've been through loads of bags massive heavy ones, tiny small one, ultra light ones and on and on. Nowadays i have to carry leader kit as well as my own kit so I really have to get my personal kit as light as possible that includes the bag. I would add to what John said earlier. Make sure it...
  11. jdlenton

    Any uses for this shrub?

    its very good as a had drill if you use it in a socket on the end of a nice striaght drill.
  12. jdlenton

    Hacking up a deodorant can ?

    empty it best you can then cut file or drill a hole in it nothing untoward will happen.
  13. jdlenton

    A Coconut-shell fishhook

    nice work that : ) you'll soon be doing work like this:cool:
  14. jdlenton

    Wanted- fibre pile salopettes

    just bought my self a new set of montane sallys and they're nice :) been looking for some for a while but second hand they have been very difficult/impossible to find. good luck with your quest i hope you find what you need
  15. jdlenton

    throwing knife

    please be very careful making these in school/college you could find yourself and your teacher in a lot of trouble, potentially you both wont be there for long if you get caught with these in your bag !!!! My advice would be to work on these at home not in a place of education. Sorry to be a...
  16. jdlenton

    Not a bushcraft knife! - Orange G10 and 4.5mm 12C27 Stainless

    that's fantastic work mate just the ticket you'll have to let me get my large mits on it soon and we'll find out if its uncomfortable :)
  17. jdlenton

    Loch Lomond

    looks like you all had a great time, some grewt photos, i wish i could have made it but things conspired against me. perhaps next time
  18. jdlenton

    Cheap tarp and bivi?

    another vote for this tarp they are very good for the money
  19. jdlenton

    Finally, A sheath im happy with

    looks grand that good work keep it up :)
  20. jdlenton

    Bear Grylls....sorry

    I removed the thread last night for a number of reasons. I will review it today and decide what if anything needs to be done about the various infractions. dont get it started again pretty please :yikes::nono::p