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  1. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    That's your take on what they do. I suggest that anyone interested read the website, specifically the Chapter 7 one that this all started from, and make up their own mind. I find all sorts of things nauseating. I don't get vehement with people for talking about them. If you feel I was breaking...
  2. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    Why the vehemency? I brought up the organisation because it helps people with planning issues if they want to live on land that they own. Since the OP specifically mentions this, I thought it might be useful. I'm really sorry I bothered.
  3. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    Well that's not quite true though. There are many examples of successful housing co-operatives and community ownership projects in the UK. It's government policy in Scotland, and Wales is addressing it in planning law. No-one's talking about state ownership and old school communism! The land as...
  4. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    Haha, I'm sure you're right! My Mother remembers the telephone arriving, and mains electricity; she grew up in rural Montana. Quite a few off-gridders share a general feeling that the 'grid' aspects introduced in modern life have turned out to be pretty rubbish, in terms of what buying into the...
  5. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    Sorry, I don't follow...?
  6. hobbes

    Copper bowls I hammered out

    Yes, please do a tutorial for the bowls!
  7. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    Many people feel that inequitable land ownership is a serious issue in the UK. For example, it's at its worst in Scotland where, for various historical reasons, "0.025% of Scotland's population owns 67% of Scotland's rural private land" (Scottish Review, May 2013). This has all kinds of impacts...
  8. hobbes

    Any other photographers?

    Is that taken with your i Phone? I love it. Anybody can buy a 'better' lens... that won't necessarily make the photograph better in my eyes. It seems to me that the art is in subject and composition. Failure to realise this makes for poor photos no matter how 'good' the camera is. I sometimes...
  9. hobbes

    Question about this axe head/handle combo

    Not from where I'm standing...? Or do you mean in cross section or something? Goliath: I don't think it's any trickier than handling a knife. I'm sure you can do it fine. But I've never fitted a new axe handle without shaping it to fit inside the eye very snugly. I think yours could loosen...
  10. hobbes

    thinking of going "offgrid"

    OP: There are ways to achieve the sort of experience you're talking about. I lived this way for two years, in a wood in Oxfordshire, through a grey-area & blind eye approach. There are good sources of information out there, probably a little less conflicting than much of this thread. The...
  11. hobbes

    Is this sycamore?

    I know you're only jesting, and this is off topic, but, just for interest's sake, there is actually a good deal of evidence that there was no h in 'erb (or 'ospital etc) in spoken English at the time of the American colonies, and it was only introduced here by the English middle classes in the...
  12. hobbes

    Poetry Corner and the Written Word

    Nice image. That's a haiku, in a manner of speaking. Doesn't need adding to :) Tonight on Spotlight... Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainsley returns home spinnakered in a regional display of colour. Victoria has this report...
  13. hobbes

    Blowy tarp set up - what' s yours

    Hehe! I like rain :)
  14. hobbes

    Carved Spoon finishes

    Sorry, I'm only disagreeing with you :)
  15. hobbes

    Day in the woods - Pics

    Good pics - that's an organised camp!
  16. hobbes

    A weekend at Bonehill Rocks, Dartmoor (17th - 18th August, 2012) - pic heavy!

    Good pictures! It is indeed a great spot. Really like the pebble 'nuts' - that's a fantastic idea!
  17. hobbes

    Carved Spoon finishes

    What I mean is, just because something isn't listed in your wikipedia reference (font of all knowledge that it is), it doesn't mean it's going to go rancid the moment it ends up in a spoon. Over many years of doing this personally and professionally, it's never happened to me. I'd rate...
  18. hobbes

    Wild Cats (Pumas?)

    I hate it when that happens! :rolleyes:
  19. hobbes

    Leeches for bait

    Wow, great. Must've been interesting to watch! Good pic.
  20. hobbes

    Less Ordinary Tinder!

    Haha! Me too :D That's a good picture of the bark - I've often thought of getting such a picture onto fabric somehow, Realtree style. Nice wood for turning too.