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  1. Opal

    PLAGIARIST we go dready! help please everyone...

    A fiver? :eek: that's a bit steep.
  2. Opal

    Joys Of Being A Grandparent

    Our youngest g/child last winter. She likes a bit of fishing as long as dolly comes too. :) On one of our walks. Street party Three out of four this Xmas Think she's gonna be a West Ham fan. :)
  3. Opal

    Free free free. Ish

    It's not pink.
  4. Opal

    how do i post an attachment?

    You wouldn't believe how many of us have had the same problem but it's easier than you think, Photobucket is brilliant.
  5. Opal

    Dont batton with your knife

    For splitting hairs, I use my Fallkniven U2. ;)
  6. Opal

    Bottled beer recommendations.

    "Rule is you must've drunk it within the last day" Rules are rules, mate. :)
  7. Opal

    Bottled beer recommendations.

    Had a bottle of lager which was recommended by my son (It's rare for me to drink lager but was okay) it was Christmas Day tho'.
  8. Opal

    Backwoods Bushcraft

    Love the vids, Floggin Molly, yer hat (what's the info on it?) and great to see Porky was helped out, wish I was there right now. ;)
  9. Opal

    Aldi clobber - incl poncho

    I visited Aldi earlier this morning, wasn't at all impressed with the bag tho' it looked good in the pic. This cheap one I have is miles better (cost me £12:90p off Amazon a while back), I've used it a few times for fishing over in the local park and on the canal, excellent for the price, the...
  10. Opal

    So.... Who wants to go first...

    Wonder if they're hookable? :)
  11. Opal

    Bit of a downer, one way and another.

    Hey bear, don't ever give up anything, mate, the end of May our daughter was given "minutes" to live, (the doctors left it up to us whether to let her go) not days or hours, she had sepcis, tumours in many places, bone cancer, heart failure, today? she's still here. She's wanting to go back...
  12. Opal

    What Am I?

    I wasn't far out then, thinking it was a Binlie Gungle. :rolleyes:
  13. Opal

    Written English - Evolving or Corrupting?

    Forgot about "okay/ok", two at the beginning of a sentence, that's a first. :)
  14. Opal

    Written English - Evolving or Corrupting?

    So? :confused: why do people begin a sentence with the word "so"? I don't get it. :)
  15. Opal

    Bear killed

    one reason I love dogs, so loyal.
  16. Opal


    Plause..."Does the virus warning look like it's being generated by Avast and is it only when you come to BCUK that you get it?" exactly! Thanks for the link, rik, appreciated.
  17. Opal


    rik, I'm running Avast, I've just added Ad Block too, good for my phone. Forgot to mention, when I first clicked on BCUK this morning, a survey popped up naming BCUK.COM :confused: I did answer about three questions, nothing personel was asked.
  18. Opal


    As soon as I click on BCUK, I get a virus warning, the first time was this morning, I closed it down and opened it after taking my daughter to an appointment, I appeared to have lost everything. I restarted my PC and all was okay until I clicked on BCUK, is there anyone else having this...
  19. Opal

    Refused a tattoo

    You missed TAIL and INKY out. :)
  20. Opal

    Are smart phones dumbing us down

    I can't believe the idiots who use their phone walking across roads totally oblivious to traffic, coming out of the hospital a few weeks back, I honked my horn at one dimwit who was walking across the pelican crossings when showing red for her, no reaction from her at all. :rolleyes: