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  1. BigX

    what bivi?

    The Ionosphere rocks - light, v. compact, surprisingly spacious for one, holds up in a gale (although it's a little draughty) and for a tent, low profile, and therefore better for stealth. However, it IS a tent and there's a big difference between tent camping and bivvying, especially if...
  2. BigX

    Show us your ponds !

    I love a pond, but mine had two foxes drown in it within a week of each other - possibly a suicide pact. The joy of dragging rotting water-logged bodies from it spurred me to put a grille over it. Not the same, really...!
  3. BigX

    Base Layer Weight

    260g XTM merino base top and bottom (also icebreaker merino boxers, not that you were asking), icebreaker 260g mid-layer, then thick fleece/Fjallraven anorak/down parka depending on temp and/or work-rate/proximity to fire. The Meco looks good though and worth noting Merino next to skin means...
  4. BigX

    Z for Zachariah.

    Read the book of ZFZ recently, essentially the same story as the Play for Today which is here: The end is slightly more upbeat in the book...but only slightly. It's a pretty dark tale all round. But then ZFZ is like an episode of 'Dad's Army'...
  5. BigX

    What to wear in your sleeping bag

    Have now stopped looking for second hand Wiggys bags :p
  6. BigX

    Watch "Lofty Wiseman Survival Team 1980's show" on YouTube

    This is great. Snoods, 'tasches and smoking on aeroplanes: them were the days! The best thing though is the 'can-do' attitude of the participants. Five days in, Lofty asks the old lady (who it turns out is actually 46!) if she slept well in her shelter. 'Oh no, got soaked twice,' she laughs...
  7. BigX

    Mac in a sac?

    Had the Mac in a Sac over trousers. They claimed 'breathable' but were so sweaty it was hard to tell if they were actually even waterproof! Ye gets what ye pays for...
  8. BigX


    I think I'm the only one left watching this - which is fair enough, given that it really has jumped the shark with the hunters using 'real time' CCTV and ANPR, which THEY SAY AT THE START THEY DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO. And AS IF Dr. Ricky would take a train straight into London. Sigh...I know it's...
  9. BigX


    That's actually the logical approach: Cranmere's right about your web history being a weak spot, but going to ground staying with someone you've never had email/facebook/text contact with - say a neighbour or an old school friend - then staying there, not making calls, using ATM, etc would make...
  10. BigX


    Episode two and it's even more daft (see announcement at the start that 'we couldn't actually get any CCTV, so we simulated it afterwards') Still, at least Dr. Ricky is enjoying himself. For anyone like me who was wondering what the rules are, here's a snippet from an interview with the good...
  11. BigX


    I've just reached the end too: really good. Loved the idea of limited choices at the start too, because it's so difficult - and so many of them obviously misjudged it, not having experience of that specific environment. What would your choices be with hindsight?
  12. BigX

    Want to start but need help

    Ask the Lord, but read this first: Loads of sensible advice on there on how to approach. This is also pretty comprehensive: An interesting point is...
  13. BigX

    Choosing a cheap light tent

    Clearly with all that already in a 38L sack, you want to be thinking about pack size as well as weight. I currently use a Snugpak Ionosphere for that reason - packs down to nowt, weighs 1.25 kg stripped. Unfortunately they are over £100 new, but you can find them cheaper. Anyway, the dimensions...
  14. BigX

    Bushcraft Job Lot (Most BRAND NEW) Grab a bargain!

    Using my Miss Marple skills following the seller's sales threads, I think I'm right in saying everything was sold about two weeks ago...Must have gone on holiday on the proceeds! :rolleyes:
  15. BigX

    Foldng Crossbow

    I believe it's a Venom Boomslang, a modern copy of the discontinued (and hard to find) Barnett Delta Storm. Love the design, I have to say.
  16. BigX

    Primitive Bows?

    Will Lord is something of an expert on the primitive and a bow-maker to boot. Nice bloke too.
  17. BigX

    Help with tent/tarp

    One other option: Snugpak Ionosphere. It was designed to be a sort of posh bivvy, but it's actually more like a convenient tarp. You get a groundsheet with a sewn-in bug net as the inner, then the fly-sheet which is tent-shaped, but acts more like a tarp, i.e. it doesn't go all the way to the...
  18. BigX

    Loan of Lightsabre

    Best 'wanted'...ever.
  19. BigX

    Vango Banshee 200

    Enjoy your new tent, MP. Really good if you use hiking poles. Just to add to the Banshee debate, I was considering it last year, but went for a Wild Country Coshee, which is the same shape and price, 250g lighter and being a crucial 20cm wider, you can actually fit two sleeping mats side by...
  20. BigX

    Coffee recommendations

    I gave up coffee for Lent (was trying to show the nipper that you had to give up something you'd REALLY miss), so this thread is killing me. Only ten days to go...