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    Need a replacement Sleep Matt

    Thermarest every time. I had what must have been a nearly 20 year old mat replaced under warranty when it started losing air. It had multiple repairs as well. Having managed to forget the new one on one trip last year, I bought a NeoAir in Oban and am well pleased with it. My wife had a...
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    What do you pack to be FOUND???

    Likewise - I have a PLB (McMurdo Fastfind). Some people carry a SPOT - this recent post on UKSKGB suggests they are less than reliable as a serious "help" tool.
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    3 man cycle touring tent?

    I used to be a massive fan of Vaude, and had superb service from my original one, a MkII bought in the late 1990's which had the most excellent bungee and external pole system. Its replacement in 2008, another MkII, was dreadful, and having managed to get Vaude and the retailer to replace it...
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    What Head Torch???

    My partner is into orienteering and running, often at night. She has some form of bike light with a head mount / strap and a separate battery. The thing is awesome. Probably worth asking the running types what they use. I'll find out what she has.
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    Tent advice for newbie

    IF your budget would stretch to Hilleberg, you'll get small pack size and weight relative to space, and they do tend to last rather well. I used to be a big fan of Vaude, but after some bad experiences with their products in the last few years, I hesitate to suggest them these days. Alpkit tents...
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    Oops - my bad! Yes, it's a Thermos I meant. We've got two - they last about a year and then just stop doing their thing. No obvious reason. No damage. Nothing. Just stop keeping water hot. Hence my suggestion (and apologies for being such a "neg") that you keep the receipt. This said, and this...
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    Make sure you keep the proof of purchase. The good thing about Stanley is that they will replace a faulty flask under their lifetime warranty. The bad news is that unless things have improved recently, you'll need it. The good news is that it's nice having a brand new flask every year. Which is...
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    What Head Torch???

    Well, despite only being used in light rain, and then only briefly, my brand new PT Apex shows condensation in one of the LED sections. Fortunately, I took the precaution of buying from Amazon so one automated report later, and a replacement is already on its way, and the original unit will be...
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    LED Conversion for Petzl Zoom

    I expect you've now bought the LED conversion - but if you haven't, I got one recently and I'd say it seems to do the job and does it considerably better than even the halogen bulb option for the Zoom. (Now that really is a battery killer!). These days my old Zoom is just relegated to being a...
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    kit. three decades of changes

    Ahhh - excellent. Many thanks. Apologies for the delay in replying - I've only just seen your post. Do you use bolts to "grab" the lip of the Trangias?
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    What Head Torch???

    Largely thanks to this thread, and the lust for light it brought out in me, my trusty Petzl has been consigned as a "spare", and my affections have been transferred to a Princeton Tec Apex. I've not had the chance to use it "for real", but on giving it a test outing last night I have to say...
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    pressure lantern advice.

    The only stove which ever let me down in the 40+ years I've been using various stoves was a Coleman. As I recall, the Peak 1 model - it had been run on unleaded petrol here in UK and the deposits from that eventually blocked the generator tube. I was in Canada many years back, and bought some...
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    pressure lantern advice.

    Yes - but who knows, maybe the op isn't seeing it, but helpful to other folk - anyway, we all love sharing these stories - - :-)
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    pressure lantern advice.

    Having once had a box of lots and lots of Tilley "happy" mantles, that's what I use in both my Tilleys, and my Vapalux. Works just fine on the Vapalux. I use "3 in 1 " on the pumps. As to "pulsing", one of my Tilleys does it, irrespective of what I do. Even swapping vaporisers between them...
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    kit. three decades of changes

    I'm intrigued by the little clips used to hold the Trangias securely to the top of the box. What are they please?
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    kit. three decades of changes
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    self inflating mats.

    Have you asked Cascade Designs about replacing it? Thermarest have a lifetime warranty which they really do stand by.
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    What Head Torch???

    Petzl everytime. I've got an ancient "zoom" which now lives in the garage and on which the elastic head band has perished. No problem - I can still get a new one! These days I use a Myo as my primary outdoor light, excellent output, and again, spares are readily available even though it's...
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    Candle Lanterns

    Tried Listerine - doesn't work against Scottish midges - - As to leaving a lamp burning overnight, personally I'd not take the risk, certainly not inside a small tent. Heat - yes. Firerisk - Yes! I gave up on the little candle lamps years ago in favour of an LED but I agree the light isn't as...
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    Defender 90?

    I miss my Landies - a 109 and two 110s over the years. All "Station Wagons" mind, so a little more refined. I learned a lot about working on vehicles thanks to them - - - and I note that my tools seldom get taken out and played with these days. Now, why is that I wonder? If you can't work on...