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  1. Kerne

    Proper, old fashioned dufflebag like wot I had at school...

    Fancied having a go at something other than the usual rucksacks that I make and, having recently made a bag from an old dinghy sail, I decided that I needed a duffle bag - just like the one I carried my sports kit around in back in the 1960s and 70s. Had to learn to splice and whip double...
  2. Kerne

    Singer 201K - needs a little work: FREE!

    Hi all; Been away for some time (NOT on a diet of porridge...) but back home now. I have a Singer 201K that needs some work to fix the thread tensioner (also the foot switch can be a tad temperamental from time to time). I now have another Singer 201K which works a treat and, although I had...
  3. Kerne

    Scout Stamps

    Had a request to make a set of Scout Stamps for embossing leather but I think the buyer has changed his mind (no contact). As a result I have these available: £15 the set inc. p&p and PayPal fees. PM me if interested.
  4. Kerne

    Damson Gin

    Just decanted this year's damson gin: Plus gin-soaked damsons ready for an alcoholic damson crumble. Merry Christmas!
  5. Kerne

    Leather Embossing Stamps - Scout Logo; Footprints; The "Bushcraft" Set

    ​ STILL AVAILABLE: one Scout set and the footpints ALSO: I've had a request to make another "Bushcraft set" after the last one was sold - if anyone else wants a set made, please PM me. Hi Folks; Been a while but I finally have some sets of leather embossing stamps for sale: One set...
  6. Kerne

    16 year old lad living the bushy dream

    Interesting (but short) article in today's Guardian:
  7. Kerne

    Leather Embossing stamps - Back in the Game!!!

    Hi folks; Since retiring, I’ve not been able to make stamps but I’ve finally managed to get some access to the equipment I need so I can get back to it. Still experimenting as it is a different type of laser to the one I used to use. Since I have to pay for this access, I’m...
  8. Kerne

    Scabbard for Bronze age Sword

    Just finished a job for a friend of a friend who went on a course where he cast a bronze age sword. He wanted a scabbard for it. I used 2.5mm veg tan for the back and front and some 5mm stuff to make the welt: He wanted a plain front: I added a couple of D rings to the back so he had the...
  9. Kerne

    Wet-formed Tinder Pouch with 2oz tin

    One Gone - one left!!! Reduced - £25 inc. Been having a go at wet forming and come up with a design that fits a 2 oz tobacco tin. I have two for sale: No1: No2 is a little darker: Both come with a 2oz tin: Reduced! Only £25each to include P&P and Paypal fees.
  10. Kerne

    Leather Braided Hat Band/Headband (Adjustable)

    Hat band or head band - you choose. I made one (see last pic) for my own hat but I've made a couple for people who wear them as head/hair bands. (One person added feathers to the knotted ends...) Asking £12.50 to include p&p (UK only) and Paypal. Made this from three different coloured...
  11. Kerne

    Man Cave Refurbishment – pic heavy

    Now that I have finally managed to retire (looong story…) I thought it was about time I sorted out my workshop so that I could make a start on all the projects on my list. First up was for SWMBO and I to free up space by building a garden shed to store all the clutter (lawnmower, bikes, 15...
  12. Kerne

    Scout Logo Leather Embossing Sets

    Attention Scout Leaders!!! Had a recent request to make some sets of the scout logo for embossing leather: and, since I no longer have the access to the machine that I used to have, I made up some extras. As a result I have four sets for anyone who is interested. £12 each including p&p and...
  13. Kerne

    Who asked to commission a rucksack? - Stupidity Alert!

    Hi folks, got a message that my inbox was full and managed to delete new instead of old messages and can't remember who sent the last message which was a commission for a rucksack. If you sent it and see this - please pm me again. That's what comes of trying to multitask when you're a mere...
  14. Kerne

    All leather EDC Rucksack

    Made this as my EDC rucksack: And had some soft black leather so I decided to make an all leather version. (Might appeal to any Goths out there...:)) It measures 19" by 12" and is and envelope-style "flat" pack (hence no third dimension!)...
  15. Kerne

    Tidied the Man Cave!

    Got a whole heap of jobs I have to get done for people so spent the morning clearing the c**p from the floor of the shed and tidying away stuff. Also fancied trying the panorama feature on my iPhone: Then in the afternoon I routed the rebates on the back of some pine boards I'm making a...
  16. Kerne

    Walking Staff - first attempts

    I cut some hazel sticks from a local wood about 18 months ago and they have been in my shed drying ever since. I thought it was about time I tried my hand at stickmaking: The top is red deer antler and the wrist strap is 3mm veg-tanned leather with my logo laser-etched on. The "handle" is...
  17. Kerne

    Stitch and Glue Canoe - step by step (Pic Heavy)

    Posted this a week or so ago after we proudly launched our DIY canoe: Some folks showed interest in the photos I took during the build. So here they are: First off - this is not meant to be a "build-along" type guide as...
  18. Kerne

    It Floats!!!

    (Perhaps this should be in "Out and about" or under "Transport"?) Launched my home-built canoe the other day: And then SWMBO and I had a trip up and down the Gloucester and Sharpness canal for a couple of hours. Sadly no pics as my phone ran out of charge straight after I took the pic above...
  19. Kerne

    Leather Bushcraft Stamps (AND: news of my demise has been somewhat exaggerated...)

    Hi, folks; I've been telling people who have asked me to make stamps for them recently that I will be taking early retirement in September and will be unable to make any more stamps after mid July. BUT: It turns out that I will be returning to work part time to fill a few gaps and so...
  20. Kerne

    New (old) tent -

    Just got hold of this FREE, GRATIS and for NICKS!: A Vango Force 10 Mk 4 in almost perfect nick (but a bit musty) - going to leave it up for a few days in the garden. Needs new pegs and I'll reproof the canvas fly just in case. Can't wait to get out in it - might sleep in it in the garden...