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    Car fix costs advice (trade costs)

    Hi Mr Pb, As an ‘all in’ job, ie parts, other bits brake fluid and the like plus it’s done asp, you have used them before (happily?) and it’s convenient I personally think it’s not to bad. Get quotes from other garages in the local and compare, much better than asking here imo. Hope it gets...
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    COMBAT STRESS - Fundraising.

    Sorted. Cheers Boots
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    COMBAT STRESS - Fundraising.

    Hi TeeDee, I would like to sponsor your trip having benefited from CS in the past. However I’m unable to use the Just Giving Site have you another way to donate. Cheers Boots
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    Sold Barbour Endurance Ventile Jacket XXL

    Can I join the queue please as No2. Cheers Boots
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    New site - Bugs, Feedback & Questions

    Hi Mods, I like it. I’ll leave others to offer suggestions and the like. Cheers. Boots
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    A bit of a Marmite question

    Hi Mr Macaroon, Is it an easy job to mod a one way zip? I’m a constant user of two way zips due to running exeptionaly hot so the ventilation benefits are a must. Cheers Boots
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    Inbuilt compass

    Hi All, Yes, I heard it on a R4 science program a few weeks ago. Not my 'thing' but if you like/need to know where is the go for the vibes ! Cheers Boots
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    My wife of 16 years passed away tonight.

    Thinking of you at this time. Boots
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    Job lot of new/used kit

    Czech Bedroll, yep that's the one! META No 71, that's the one. Thanks decorum for the advice. I will look further at the stove so that's withdrawn pending investigation! Bit of a 'Bump' Cheers Boots
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    Job lot of new/used kit

    And more, 1 x Gelert Xpedition XL sim. 1 x 1ltr, stainless steel cooking pot with lid with wire handle modification. 1 x Meta(?) mini brew cup, lid and stand that fits inside, with full meta tablet packet. Still the same price! Cheers Boots
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    For Sale. Wind out Awning

    No probs Mr C. Boots
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    For Sale. Wind out Awning

    Hi All, Sorry about that, as usual missing the most important bit! It is the F45s, 300, 308cm OR old money 10foot 3inches 'n' a bit long. Cheers Boots
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    Job lot of new/used kit

    Hi All, Due to age and disability I am going to stick with the Campervan rather than rough it! So selling the following, 1 x Khyam, Pocket Tent Mono. Weather weave 5000. New & unused. 1 x White box, solo stove. New & unused. 1 x DD Scout Hammock, green with straps, 2.30x1x30. Used...
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    For Sale. Wind out Awning

    Hi All, For sale. Due to moving a quick sale required on the following. FIAMMA F45s 300, 308cm (10foot & a bit) wind out awning. Little used before removal and in good working order. C/W new fixing bolts to fasten onto a van/camper van/motorhome etc. Minor cosmetic damage to the casing...
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    Sphagnum and bryophyte photos

    Nice photos, cheers for that. Boots
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    camp sites that allow open fires in pembrokshire

    Hi Mr P, The following site has lots of info on campsites in the uk (I guess the clue is in the name!). It has a searchable site database where you tick the options you want, one of them is 'open fires' and the like. I have used it often for 'arm chair' research when using...
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    Yep I like it. Boots
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    Paramo Taiga fleece XXL SOLD!!

    PM, sent. Boots
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    Do we have a member who's a printer?

    Hi Mesquite, I must have pressed the wrong button. I have a contact who may be suitable for printing. Will sort a detailed pm in the morning. I'm known as Boots, Stoob in reverse but used Stood in error and never corrected it :(