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  1. g4ghb

    Haversack load out

    Ah, that would be because because IG is aimed at children - adults use youtube :burnout:
  2. g4ghb

    Haversack load out

    looking Good Sam! - you are braver than me ;-) One suggestion, if you are filming for youtube landscape aspect is the way to go mate, other than that the quality is fine!
  3. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat Poll

    Hi Steve, Great to hear you are feeling better and well enough to take the helm again :) This i think is the hardest vote yet! it's so hard to choose...... I bet you are glad you don't have to make the decision yourself!
  4. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat

    Ah that will be it :banghead2: - All makes sense now
  5. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat

    Good to hear you are still with us Steve! :grouphug: Take it easy mate, as much as I love the comp your health is more important and we can wait as long as you like (besides I was really struggling with Feb as I only have a cat! :redface2:) BTW - anyone noticed if a load of posts from this...
  6. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 Competition February Theme

    Get well soon mate! - keep looking at the wonderful pics from Jan, will give you an incentive to get back out as soon as possible ;)
  7. g4ghb

    Baton Tool

    A cracking idea mate, just the kind of thing that would be useful next to the woodburner at home too
  8. g4ghb

    Some post cold holiday projects.

    Thanks John
  9. g4ghb

    Some post cold holiday projects.

    I agree they look so much better! Do you have a link perchance I’m drawing a blank currently I’m afraid....
  10. g4ghb

    Some post cold holiday projects.

    Nice work John, l like the notebook are the loops the disktype? They look like brass, I’ve only seen plastic ones before
  11. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 Winning Photograph

    Well deserved Kev! - a cracking shot and with the back story, even more atmospheric if that's possible!
  12. g4ghb

    Stove build - If only I had the skills............

    Just came across this Stove - - This looks to be JUST what I'd like :-)goodjob It ticks all the boxes and looks ideal for a lavu etc Is it too late to write to Santa? :christmas1:
  13. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 July Heat Poll

    I Echo Wayne, this is one of my goto posts whenever i get a chance to logon! Bumpity bump! goodjob
  14. g4ghb

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Thats ok mate - was only teasing :-) - Address received, I'll try to get it in the post tommorow but i'm away this weekend so it may not be till Monday
  15. g4ghb

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    and only 20 mins too - what a lightweight! :nana:
  16. g4ghb

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    sorry for the delay - all yours Bob :-) drop me a PM with your addy
  17. g4ghb

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Thanks Chas I will offer a mystery package of Bushy goodies :present: - I have a number of items in mind to include but the pile will grow as I find things before i send it off - so will be a gamble as to how long you wait before you shout :naughty:
  18. g4ghb

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Can I take the dvd's please - Just love the 'old farms' :-)
  19. g4ghb

    BcUK Photograph of 2019 March Heat Poll

    Who would have thought that 'In the Rain' would have been such a challange!? :dunno: