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  1. richy3333

    For Sale Mystery Ranch Mountain Ruck (ALICE Pack) In Coyote

    Hi. What size frame is this? Is it the older style bag as it looks like the external pockets are now different? Are anymore pics available of the holes? Thanks.
  2. richy3333

    For Sale Sharps for sale

    Paid and messaged :)
  3. richy3333

    For Sale Sharps for sale

    I’ll take the CRKT M16 if still available? Will PM you.
  4. richy3333

    New into bushcraft.

    Welcome. I'm further up north but there should be places to go on the shores of Loch Lomond or around around Loch Tay?
  5. richy3333

    wip bushcraft knife

    Lovely. If the sheath is suggestive of how the knife might look, I'm envious! Beautiful.
  6. richy3333

    recommend me a starter all in one knife

    If your looking for a starter knife maybe go into Grahams in Inverness and look at what they have for sale If memory serves me ok, they usually have a reasonable selection of knives to look at. Not your specialist, custom made stuff, but something to get you started.
  7. richy3333

    Frontier Stove, does it have any competition in its price range?

    G4 stove like ta outdoors uses?
  8. richy3333

    Fjällräven or Swazi smock?

    I have the anorak No 8 and love it. Well waxed in appropriate places I have no issue with water proofness and I’m in north Scotland so it rains a bit and blows a hoolie! If need be I wear a Montane extreme smock underneath and then I’m toastie. I considered the Swazi also, but am fed up with...
  9. richy3333

    Whats this lot worth

    It's worth very little. It's a low end field target bow and the aluminium arrows are not expensive to buy new. I doubt you'd get more than £50 for it depending upon condition
  10. richy3333

    The 2018 collection

    Utmost respect for your weight loss John and, I’m blown away by your skills with garment making.
  11. richy3333

    FREE 2 Adult tickets for the Crannog Centre, Loch Tay

    We went last Saturday and it was brilliant. Our guide was a German? Lady. Very informative. Everything was shown to us and demonstrated. They couldn’t be more helpful. They are a charity and have just gotten museum status. Entry is £10 per adult and the ticket lasts a year, so you can go as many...
  12. richy3333

    Whats happened to ROF ?

    Missing my daily read of the jokes thread :(
  13. richy3333

    What did you buy today?

    Recently taken delivery of this. Not yet had a chance to put it through it’s paces. Might do this weekend
  14. richy3333

    Withdrawn Camelbak Trizip (Picture heavy)

    I have one of these that I use daily. I love mine. £145 is a bargain imho
  15. richy3333

    TV you enjoy

    Maybe I can, but I prefer to spend the majority of my time outside. If I have something to ask, I ask it. I have neither the time nor feel a requirement to ‘contribute’ to 99% of the threads on this forum. I’m sorry you have nothing better to do than research my ‘stats’ and I’m sorry you can’t...
  16. richy3333

    Trip Report Loch Moy

    Love the shoes Hamish. The patterns great. Was it difficult to get used to wearing them as they don’t have modern soles and thickness underfoot. I bet you can feel really ‘grounded’ in them
  17. richy3333

    TV you enjoy

    Next weeks topic is your favourite colour
  18. richy3333

    Free tents and other equipment

    Bit of a leap from tents being left to ‘everyone that goes to a festival is a junkie.’ (That’s the inference your post suggests). What sort of a bunch are ‘those people’? What’s your term of reference for the tents/ some of them not being recycled?
  19. richy3333

    Archers! Interesting Game

    Yes, i’m well aware of that and the bows ‘let off’ peak/holding weight but you still have to come to full draw through the peal weight. Either way his technique is poor and he is over drawn. A child of that age shouldn’t be pulling 50lbs peak weight bow.