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  1. CBJ

    Finally, studying over, more time for skills.

    Hey folks, Its been a while. Last year I decided to go back to college as a mature student and to get a few qualifications. Unfortunetly with all the studying I also had to make the decision to cut the time spent doing other things, including my time here and the amount of time spent out and...
  2. CBJ

    Article: "Blaze" woodburning stove

    You can view the page at
  3. CBJ

    "Blaze" woodburning stove

    To accompany our SoulPad bell tent we have been using the “Blaze” wood burning stove. The Blaze wood burning stove is hand made by a master blacksmith for the SoulPad company and is one of three models of stove they sell. Of the three models, the Blaze is the only one made to SoulPads...
  4. CBJ

    Scottish Dumpy chickens

    HI folks, Just a quick question. Has anybody kept/ had any experience with Scottish dumpy's? We are looking to get some chickens in after a few years of having none. So far we have English game,Welsummers, Moran, Brahmas, Silkies, Wyandotte's, Shamo and Orpingtons. This time we want to try...
  5. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet #8 April (Glen Tanar)

    Hi folks, Hope you are all well. After taking a bit of time out from all the forums I frequent to sort other things out, I am now back raring to get things going again. Following our success last time at Glen Tanar we been welcomed back and I have already secured the site for us for our April...
  6. CBJ

    Sewn Badges/patches

    Hey folks, I am looking to get some patches made up for the N.E.S group. I have noticed from a few of the meet threads that some of the groups have their own. Can anybody recommend a good place. I have searched for a few local places but the prices are just plain silly. cheers All the best...
  7. CBJ

    Once in a lifetime

    Hi folks, Well yesterday I was out fixing my bike and as I was going from the yard to the front door I saw what I thought was a stone and didn't take anymore notice. My daughter shouted for me to stop. Giving her a quizzical look she point to the "stone" and low and behold it was this little...
  8. CBJ

    1k post comp

    Hi folks, Well due to a number of reasons I haven't posted for a while but now I am back :). Here is my 1k post comp as promised before I went AWOL. The prize : A kuska/kuksa ( never sure which spelling is correct) that I carved from sycamore. Its had well over a year and a half drying...
  9. CBJ

    1000th post

    Hi folks, Well here it is my 1000th post I want to say that BCUK has to be the best forum and the best community I have found on the net. After 5 years ( lurker for 1) of viewing threads, chatting and pm's it certainly feels like a virtual home :) . A big thanks have to go to Tony...
  10. CBJ

    Czech army bed roll mods ?

    Hey folks, Well a few months ago I opened up a present the missus got me and it was a Czech army bed roll. Apparently she had seen me reading Man of Taniths thread on them :rolleyes:. I got to try it out for the first time a few weeks ago at the last N.E.S meet. I like it a lot. Definitely...
  11. CBJ

    Yesterdays bimble ( Very pic heavy)

    Well yesterday was another corker so I decided to take the camera along on the walk I take everyday with the dogs. It was one of those days were you breathe in and the air smells great, the birds were chirping away like mad and the burst of colours from the new leaves and flowers really catch...
  12. CBJ

    Article: Frontier Stove ( Pic heavy)

    You can view the page at
  13. CBJ

    Defeating the leather sofa

    A few days ago after many repairs to the chip board carcass, our couch gave up the ghost. My brother and I entered a titanic battle with it from the front room, through the door were it nearly notched up a win against us and out onto the front yard where after many oaths it was finally...
  14. CBJ

    N.E.S Meet # 7

    Ok folks I want to get this up and running early and it helps me keep my mind off things. First question is : Where do we want to go this time ? I can get us : Glen Tanar , Haddo ( Chaz, Pete and I checked our site and it hasn't been effected by the work they are doing there at the moment)...
  15. CBJ

    Help identifying a brand

    Hi folks, I saw a chap in Tesco's today wearing a pair of hunting/cargo trousers. I took a mental note of the name and continued shopping and by the time we had the shopping in the back of the car and the kids strapped in Guess what? yep the, I could not remember for the life of me the name of...
  16. CBJ ?

    Has anybody on the forum used these guys before? If so did everything go well ?? I am after a couple of jetfuel canisters for the jet boil and these seem to be a decent price. ( No connection etc) Thanks atb Craig
  17. CBJ

    Military surplus shirts

    Hey folks, Im looking to get a couple of surplus shirts. I have had a good look through evil bay and there are quite a few. I need them to be warm and hard wearing as they will be work shirts and in OG. Has anybody got any they would recommend or any to avoid? at the minute I am liking the...
  18. CBJ

    N.E.S meet #6

    Well folks its time to sort out Aprils meet. I have the dates Thursday 25th- Sunday 28th How does that sound for everybody ? Venue: If all goes well it will either be Glen Tanar or Haddo. ( I am open to suggestions for other areas) Once again same rules apply etc ( More to come on that...
  19. CBJ

    Cracking light this evening

    The light was absolutely brilliant this evening, I am just starting the long road in photography and had to get this one. The light lasted about 5 min max as it was a big heavy cloud that was going at a fair clip. Enjoy atb Craig
  20. CBJ

    Wild Stove’s Wood gas stove MK II

    Wild Stove’s Wood gas stove MK II The Woodgas stove MKII is made by Wild Stoves, a British company that sells a number of different types of stoves and which has its roots in humanitarian work. The wood gas stove has been designed to be compact, lightweight and to work at a high level of...