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  1. jdlenton

    DIY photos from space

    What a cool DIY project this guy made saw it on the news click here for the article in the local paper for my home town some amazing results great stuff
  2. jdlenton

    I want to make a family billy

    Title says it really I want to make a billy big enough to cook for 4 to 6 people. I've looked at the 16 cm zebras but I'd quite like to make my own large billy in stainless for very cheap. I've looked in a few places but never found a donor container thats big enough or that I'm happy will...
  3. jdlenton

    Altimeter watch any suggestions please

    HI folks I'm in the market for a watch with an altimeter on it for use in the mountains as an aid to navigation) I've had a look round and nothing takes my fancy just on looks. No one I know has a watch like this so cant ask them about function, can anyone recommend a watch that they have first...
  4. jdlenton

    in or around Northampton

    Having move to Norhtampton got setttled in and started getting to know the place i wondered if there was anyone from BCUK in or around that fancied getting together for a wander a meet up a beer? talk soon J*
  5. jdlenton

    music and instruments at the moot anybody?

    Hi guys didn't go last year and by the looks of it i missed the chance to play some music with some bushie types. I'm considering bringing my Fiddle and Mandolin along I play alot of English and scottish trad and can jam up some modern stuff. SO Who if anybody this year will be taking an...
  6. jdlenton

    knife law changes in Northern Island

    may be of intrest to some what do ou think will it hit the main land do you think
  7. jdlenton

    i don't mean to gloat but.....

    look what i got off amazon for £15 it's got some damage to the spine but the pages dont even look like they've been turned i cant believe my luck and just for fun i've put a poll on the top
  8. jdlenton

    Happy birthday HuBBA

    coor that was close nearly missed that happy birthday HuBBa have a good one :beerchug: and all those who have a birthday today
  9. jdlenton

    Out In The New Woods

    At last i have had time to type up this report after much harassment from Jason :p here it is Last weekend we were lucky enough to get out to a new site that we have been given access to by the land owners, (a major national landowner I’m not telling who or where and we’ve been asked not to...
  10. jdlenton

    red bull air race

    i have a car ticket for the red bull air race at Longleat for saturday that a colleague of mine can no longer use. its for one vehicle so you can get as many people in as the law allows your vehicle to carry. i've been wanting to see one of these air races for a long time they are supposed to...
  11. jdlenton

    Pluto no longer a planet

    This debate has been going on a while in astronomical cycles it seems the definition of planet has now been changed so Pluto no longer qualifies so we now only have 8 planets in the solar system poor Pluto:(
  12. jdlenton

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy Birthday Tony hope you have a great one mate:You_Rock_ here's to a fruitful and rewarding year ahead:beerchug:
  13. jdlenton

    Possibles pouch whats in yours

    We have had a couple of threads in the past on this subject but we've not had one for quite some time and there are lots of members here now that weren't here the last time I made a possibles pouch for Ogri the trog in for the brantub (same pattern as the my one (shown)). I gave it to him at...
  14. jdlenton

    Happy birthday ilovemybed

    Happy birthday ilovemybed have a good day enjoy :)
  15. jdlenton

    Happy Birthday Rod

    Happy birthday Rod hope you have a great day :beerchug: there are lots of other birthdays today too so happy birthday to you all. J*
  16. jdlenton

    Happiness doesn't cost the Earth

    After seeing the "what do you have most of thread" recently as well as the general love of kit amongst members of the forum I've been thinking a lot about consumerism and the environment. having a bit of a surf over lunch i have just read this on the BBC news web site friends of the earth were...
  17. jdlenton

    Range Finding

    Over the weekend some of us were lucky enough to spend a few day paddling on the Thames thanks Rich During our trip one of the things that came up was judging distance and how accurate some people were and thought they were! i got to thinking could you buy a small device that was robust...
  18. jdlenton

    Calling all Canadian Birders

    my sister is new to British Colombia having just emigrated there the lucky !£"%"^$£&^ this bird knocked its self out on her window as I'm not familliar with the birds of bc can anyone tell me what it is thanks James
  19. jdlenton

    Happy birthday Goose

    Happy birthday Goose hope you have a goopd one :) and happy birthday to all of you who have a birthday today. James
  20. jdlenton

    Happy Birthday Steve A

    Happy birthday Steve A and all of you who have a birthday today hope you have a great day James