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    why !

    We had a full day of thunderstorms yesterday - and it was still so hot I couldn't get to sleep cause I was sweating so much!
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    Welcome to the site! I'm sitting here waiting for your book to arrive right now :D it's great to see you here,
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    Dogs and the hot weather

    Just had a word with my misses, who used to be a dog groomer. A lot of people shave their dogs coat in this weather and she says its not a good idea. For dogs with a double coat this is designed as insulation and will do so against both heat and cold. Also you leave the dog in risk of sunburn...
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    Svord peasant knife review

    Nice knife :) is there anywhere you can get them in the UK?
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    My Daughter

    Thank you to everyone for your support during this time, it has meant a lot to us :)
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    My Daughter

    She's coming HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just getting the pescription for Lauren then they are coming home :D
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    My Daughter

    Just had an update from Natty. They are waiting on the doc now, he's going to decide whether she can come home today :D Hope so, if not it should be tomorrow. She's off the drip now and eating and drinking herself. Can't wait for them to get home!
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    My Daughter

    :) both I think, she always was a stroppy little madam! :D :p though I actually meant her temperature
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    flint help

    Flint and obsidian have a similar structure and can be worked the same way, and obsidian is volcanic glass so yeah, glass will work. Try this site, they have quite a few articles on it :)
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    Leather Suppliers

    What kind of leather you want really depends on what you want to do with it. Most of the stuff you'll see on here uses veg-tanned leather, which is good for wet forming shapes and can be decorated with stamps or tooled with designs. There is also chrome tanned leather which most leather clothes...
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    My Daughter

    Good news today, she's a lot brighter and has had a drink. She still doesn't want to drink and won't be allowed home till tomorrow at the earliest so they can make sure she can eat and drink without getting ill. She's been fighting the nurses :P doesn't want to take her medicine. Her temp is...
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    My Daughter

    Went to see her again today. When we first got there she looked better but was still very quiet and listless but picked up and had her first smile and even a laugh, also had a proper conversation and joked a bit. She was sick just after she had her antibiotics (via the drip) but that was the...
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    My Daughter

    Well, first sign of good news :) she's starting to look a little better, a little brighter. She hasn't been able to eat or drink since Tuesday night so it'll take a while to get better but Natty says she is starting to improve a little.
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    My Daughter

    Oh, I've no doubt I'll be back to saying "Turn that tv down / Eat up, you've hardly touched that / this room's a pigsty, clean it up!" and other common parental phrases soon :D and it will be a relief to be able to as well :) Wish I'd been here for those early years :) treasure them well!
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    My Daughter

    Right, she's had the ultrasound scan, which showed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary lol. Unfortunately this doesn't rule out either appendicitis or mesenteric adenitis. Half the docs think its one and the other half the other right now. The surgeon still thinks its not appendicitis. At the...
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    My Daughter

    Well we've finally had a diagnosis now - mesenteric adenitis. From what Natty said, she's been seen by every doctor and surgeon in the...
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    Time to say Goodbye_from Abbe!

    Wooohooo! Best news I've had today Abbe. May it be an omen for more good news.
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    Apology for the confusion

    I can only echo what Greywolf has said. I am a mod on another board, one on which a fair amount of politics has to be debated and it is all too easy to get snarled up in the job. It is a thankless task in the end and has split boards before. I hope this one will continue and grow, I'd hate to...
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    My Daughter

    One thing I have to say, I've only been a dad for 2 years, met Natty when Lauren was 7. I thought I knew what love was. I love my lady, I love our kids. Funny old thing, love. It's like a river. You never know how deep or how fierce it runs until you are in the current and committed. I think...
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    My Daughter

    Just been to the hospital. The doctors are now trying to decide between pneumonia and appendicitis. Lauren is still just as bad as she was when we took her and still has billious vomiting so we're both worried although we have to hide it from her. It's hitting Natty hard as she has to be there...