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  1. J

    SPAM and other foods - any hate? :)

    Argentinian corned beef used to be the best available but it has been a rare sight since the Falklands war, mores the pity.
  2. J

    Tick time!

    I check my lurcher regularly for passengers but it was my daughter who found one on him yesterday. It took two of us to remove it, one to hold his head still and one to work the Tick Twister to get it out. I tried to do it myself but he kept my bobbing his head every time I got the tool in place.
  3. J

    DofE 3 man tent recommendation

    Have you looked at the Berhaus Peak 3.3? I have the single person Peak 3.1 and it seems well made. There is a Pro version (light green instead of red) which is 2.91kg instead of 3.25kg
  4. J

    Stoopid jokes

    With apologies if already posted... Did you hear about the dyslexic pimp? He bought a warehouse.
  5. J

    Breakfast! for two or six egg carriers:
  6. J

    Todays Trangia car boot find

    The three pans are part of a Prestige pressure cooker. My mother had one for years. You can cook three different foods at once.
  7. J

    Lightweight Summer Bushcraft/Hiking Kit?

    I have been interested for a while in the 20 litre challenge which is about packing all you need for a overnight trip in a 20 litre pack. Last weekend I spent Saturday night on the South Downs. My pack was an Alpkit Gourdon 20. I put my Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag inside like a pack liner. My PHD...
  8. J

    DEFRA has a Magic site :D

    Thanks for reminding me about this. I used it about 15 years ago but had forgotten all about it.
  9. J

    How can i contact MSR

    Go to there is a link which resolves to
  10. J

    wild camping in the cotswolds

    I walked the Cotswold Way last week (17/3/12 - 21/3/12) with four nights out. The first was in a pub garden so sanctioned, second and third were wild camps, fourth was on a campsite (I may be getting soft but the pull of a shower was irresistible). In all cases I was sleeping in a bivvy bag and...
  11. J

    Hiking/backpacking for a newbie

    The Ridgeway has taps at intervals along it. I recommend getting the Harveys Superwalker map. It shows the whole route on one waterproof sheet and it has campsites and taps marked on it. I have walked it as two three day walks with one wild camp and one camp site used on each part. There are...
  12. J

    Kit that has never been bettered

    I'm surprised that the P38 can opener hasn't made the list yet....It has now!
  13. J

    bannock my way

    Never thought of that! I'll try 'em that way next time too.
  14. J

    bannock my way

    My only thought is that despite half the flour being self-raising and the fairly large quantity of added baking powder is that the bannock doesn't appear to have risen much. What was the texture like once it was cooked?
  15. J

    Getting the valve out of a gas cylinder

    I see no reason to doubt that the valve is screwed into the cylinder on a right-hand thread, irrespective of whether the cylinder held butane or propane and is therefore unscrewed by turning it anti-clockwise. The thread on the valve that the appliance or regulator screws into is left-handed...
  16. J

    What is Your Definition of Camping?

    Given the snow on the ground and the fact that they are sitting on an ice floe I can only assume that the cool-box is being used to keep the beer from getting too cold?
  17. J

    the Ridgeway - a broken man

    Quite a learning experience you had there! One point about water: there are taps at points along the route for everyone to use; no need to leave the route for water. The Harveys map for The Ridgeway is a great help as the taps are all marked; some are easy to miss otherwise. I walked The...
  18. J

    Red Kite comeback - heads up

    We're starting to get them over Ascot from time to time. I usually stop what I'm doing to watch them for as long as they remain in view; always an inspiring sight.
  19. J

    Chanctonbury Ring - Sussex - Pic Heavy

    Chanctonbury ring was my playground as a teenager and later a destination on horseback. The dew pond was open then so we took horses there, had a picnic and let the horses drink from the pond. Some time later it was fenced off to prevent damage. I walked the South Downs Way in the last week of...
  20. J

    The importance of disinfectant

    Personally I wouldn't be too concerned about pus forming around splinters. That is that the body's way of ejecting a foreign body. Once the splinter has loosened and ben ejected with the pus the wound should heal normally with less mess than digging for the splinter with a possibly...