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    blades and blanks for sale

    Hi, do you have any blanks left? If so what are the specs for the sm and big ones? Thanks, Chris.
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    Wanted - Feathers for Fletching

    No, but you could ask a local butcher, even one in a supermarket may be able to knock you some up if you ask nicely, ;) good luck brother!
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    Woodlore sleeping bag question...

    Yes they have, but I wouldn't recommend one, I bought the 3 season one two years back (which they said would go down to -15°c). The temperature didn't even get close to that and I was still too cold. In my opinion, the Quechua Ultralight S5 sleeping bag (at a fraction of the price) is just as...
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    Hi everyone.

    HI I'm Chris, from Warwickshire. I'm hoping to find some people or a group around the Redditch/Studley vicinity or somewhere close by to join in practicing bushcraft and outdoors skills. :)