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    French Maps / Right to Roam

    No a full answer to your question, but these might help a bit:
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    Is this metal suitable for knife making?

    Folks, thank you. I really appreciate the feed-back and the links :)
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    Is this metal suitable for knife making?

    Hi all, This is a project I've had in mind for a while. I'm not a knife-maker and this will be a one-off project. I want to make a mezzaluna and santoku-shaped knife for use in the kitchen. I also want to make a marking knife for woodwork. I thought about finding and using an old saw blade, then...
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    The 2018 collection

    Brilliantly practical designs and amazing workmanship - a truly winning combination. Well done to you! It would be a natural step to go 'commercial' . . . .
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    Need a wind screen design for stove

    I have bought two of the generic folding wind-shields and attached them together so they can go all the way round my stove with ease. I don't rely on pushing the pins into the ground as they are too thin and flimsy. Instead, I drilled a small hole in the bottom of each plate. I can use some...
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    New Meals...

    Stews seem to fit the bill. Lancashire Hotpot, Irish Stew and Pot-au-Feu are all good.
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    2nd attempt at pop can stove stand, nailed it!

    Would be good to see it in action. Also, maybe if you did a test and timed it versus the previous one. Good thinking and nice work :)
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    How many eggs...

    I love eggs. Boiled, preferably soft. Fried, sunny side up. Poached, soft and eaten with smoked salmon. Egg sandwiches, mash boiled egg with mayo and add water cress. Never heard of devilled Eggs. Will have them for lunch some time during the coming week :)
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    Our Log Home

    Thanks for that :)
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    Our Log Home

    Thanks for explaining, sorry if my question sounded daft, so your new log cabin is mobile? How does that work? I hope you don't mind me asking, it's just all new to me.
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    Our Log Home

    Well done you for managing to go 'undetected' for 10 years and get planning by default! Now forgive me, but I got the impression that your beautiful log cabin was recently built? Does it replace another structure, did you need planning for that and, given that you have circumvented the planning...
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    Our Log Home

    You have done a great job there and, especially in the second photo, it really blends in well to its surroundings. Did you, by any chance, make any videos of the build? It would be great to see them eg. on YouTube. Having just built 5 raised beds in my own garden - mine are narrower, longer and...
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    Hand or Machine?

    Hand tools and power tools are …. tools. Use whichever one suits you best. Power tools were invented for a reason :)
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    Van design ideas

    In my case, I've ruled out those Japanese imports because of the big engines which probably are fuel hungry. I also wondered if I'd end up paying over the top for servicing/maintenance. Regarding French vehicles reliability or being made in a plant in Romania: I reckon reliability have improved...
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    Sold Shoulder bag - wax canvas and leather

    That is a beautiful bag. Just looking at all the neat detailing, it seems to me that an incredible amount of planning went into the design, and skill into it's execution. All the materials, and their colours, look great. I should imagine with some care it could last a lifetime. Well done to the...
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    Van design ideas

    Yep, we are looking at solving similar 'problems'. So, in my mind, a compromise is needed. My feeling (tonight) is that the smaller Ford Transit Connect would be MY best bet as I'll do more day-to-day driving than camping ……… maybe the Scudo/Dispatch or similar will be best for you given your...
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    Athlete's Foot

    I used to have Athlete's Foot, to the point where the skin would split quite deeply between my toes and it was really painful. One thing I found was changing my socks mid-way through the day helped a lot. Washing my feet whenever they felt hot helped too (not always possible). Swapping between...
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    Van design ideas

    If you are getting a company to do it, I assume you mean a company with lots of experience who do this commercially? Why not write a detailed brief and ask them for advice? They are the professionals, after all. I've been looking at a similar idea but mine is a van to use as my daily transport...
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    Reconditioning old files

    Thanks all for the replies. I'll give the vinegar a go and see what happens :)
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    Reconditioning old files

    Hi Folks, I thought I had read a post about this on this forum but for whatever reason I can't find it. I've been gifted 14 files of various shapes and sizes and in various conditions, some with a lot of wear, some with rust. I read that if I clean them (wire brush followed by a rag/white...