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  1. HHazeldean

    Cherry burr shot/espresso cup

    Wow thats a lovely piece of work there, nice one :)
  2. HHazeldean

    A bone buckle.

    That sure must've taken some patience! Stunning :)
  3. HHazeldean

    Some leather work and knives (pic heavy)

    Woah those are superb, love the enzo handle :)
  4. HHazeldean

    New sak scales. pic heavy.

    Oh wow those are absolutely stunning!! Lovely work :)
  5. HHazeldean

    Word association game

  6. HHazeldean

    camp knife work in progress.

    Woah that looks superb, stunning grain on the handle, very nice :)
  7. HHazeldean

    Back with some Wristbands for a lovely Couple ( picture Heavy)

    Lovely work as always, those are sweet as! :)
  8. HHazeldean

    my new design FIELD AND FOREST scandi, and another modle.

    Woah what an absolute beauty, love the scandi :)
  9. HHazeldean

    My 1500 Post Comp!

    Well finally did it today, completely forgot to do it on Monday, sorry about that! And the winner is: ERAGON21 Congratulations! I landed directly in that region of China, so nice guess! I will try and get the prize sent out soon. :) Thanks to everyone who entered too!
  10. HHazeldean

    Dave Canterbury leather pouch

    That looks sweet mate, nice work :)
  11. HHazeldean

    Wood markings

    I always learn something new whenever I come on this forum :)
  12. HHazeldean

    Weekends spoons.

    Wow those are stunning, love the rope handled one, and the square bowl is interesting, really like it :)
  13. HHazeldean

    Carved a kuksa (again).

    That looks sweet, really nice shape to it, very nice :)
  14. HHazeldean

    A wright knife sheath no:2

    Can't see any pictures mate?
  15. HHazeldean

    My 1500 Post Comp!

    Ok guys, I'm going to be spinning tomorrow afternoon! Any more entries??
  16. HHazeldean

    Leather and ash scandi

    I gotta say that looks superb, very nice work :)
  17. HHazeldean

    Pencil Carvings

    Woah they're incredible, some serious talent there! and he's selling them ridiculously cheap too!
  18. HHazeldean

    Word association game

  19. HHazeldean

    Word association game

    King Kong...
  20. HHazeldean

    Word association game

    Mona Lisa...