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  1. unorthadox

    anyone from the brockwell woods meet fancy a reunion?

    now summer is approaching i've been looking for any meetups but there doesn't seem to be any soon. The brockwell woods meet in march was a good laugh does anyone fancy another session, prehaps for two nights this time? or prehaps somewhere near the border of scotland? (its only another hours...
  2. unorthadox

    suggestion, geocaching

    How about we start up a geoaching system for BCUK users. caches containing bushcrafty items in popular areas such as dartmoor. What do you think guys?
  3. unorthadox

    so who sat there completely lost?

    while BCUK was down? bet there was a load who wondered what to do, and a load who decided to have a look at that bookface thing :D
  4. unorthadox

    Creating the ultimate load out guide

    Im a little bored so ive decided to start a project to create the ultimate load out guide. Im currently drafting up a list of just about every item that could possibly be used while camping. Im gona then create a prorgram that will automaticly generate a reccomended kit list depending on the...
  5. unorthadox

    etrex vista H for £50

    until the 6th march it is £50 brand new in go outdoors.. fantastic value considering hey are normally around £90.. no affiliation with the company, just thought i would share for those of you considering a gps
  6. unorthadox

    April 15th - 17th Meet

    Ok, Been chatting to a few of the lads and gona try and organise a meet. At the moment, this is all purely theoretical, dates and venues are prone to change over the next couple of weeks. Two popular suggestions include Kielder and The Coast. To get to Kielder there is a bus that...
  7. unorthadox

    Why are polls only availible to full members?

    Hi, i was wondering why creating polls are only availible to full members, there have been a few times i would like to create a poll. I can understand some features such as the rights to trade requireing a membership but im not sure why a poll would need one
  8. unorthadox

    Bushcraft Hero

    so, recently activision hae announced no more guitar hero games will be released. For some of you, you will be thinking what on earth is guitar hero For those who know but never played you wil be thinking isnt that just a stupid game? Hopefully, some of you will have played them like me. If...
  9. unorthadox

    100 Reasons to Choose Wild Camping Over a Campsite

    Another 100 thread List a reason to why you perfer the bush to a camp site once there are 100 legitimiate reasons ill relist them :) 1: There are no curfews to go to bed 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:
  10. unorthadox

    100 Sharp Objects Under £30

    Another 100 thread Firstly I would like to state I am not affiliated to any products stated in this thread, I am merely trying to round up 100 tools popular with bushcrafters that dont burn a huge hole in the wallet. Rules Must be either a knife, multitool(SAK or leatherman style), axe or...
  11. unorthadox

    100 materials for tinder

    After making the thread 100 uses of paracord it got me thing of other '100' threads, so today im starting the 100 materials for tinder Rules: Must be a material that can be procured in the wild or small enough to take in a rucksack The material can either be traditional tinder, that takes...
  12. unorthadox

    Bushcrafter Review of SAS Survival Guide

    SAS Survival Guide By John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman Introduction This book needs no introduction; just about everyone whom has an interest in bushcraft has heard of this book. I am going to try and produce a detailed review tailored for the bushcrafter. If I have missed out any aspect of...
  13. unorthadox

    looking for someone to add engravings to my knives!

    Hi, as the title says I want to add some engravings to the blades of about 8 knives. It will be nothing drastic, just a couple of small letters and a couple of japanese symbols. Is there anyone who could do this for me? If so what sort of costs and time scale are we talking?
  14. unorthadox

    hammock or tent?

    Hi, recently i have been looking for something for shelter and im torn between what to get. A hammock seems smaller, lighter and cheaper but i have never used one thus i dont know what the insulationand comfort is like in comparison. So far it looks like i may get a DD travel hammock (no...
  15. unorthadox

    help me choose an axe!

    I've been looking at axe reviews for a while but it's not getting me anywhere. I want an axe that will be used pretty much only for collecting firewood and building shelters, i wont be doing any carving etc What i am after is something that can cut sections of tree trucks effectivly. I will...
  16. unorthadox

    Garmin eTrex Vista HCx GPS Device

    So far I have had this device for about a week and here is an initial review of what t can do, over time i will post an updated review after some extensive testing in bushcraft environments Here are the specs according to the Garmin Website Physical & Performance: Unit...
  17. unorthadox

    Suggestion - impliment notification system

    The site has some awesome tools but also lacks some useful features (rather, i can't find them) A particularly useful tool would be a 'notifications' page dedicated to giving notifications of anyone who has sent you a personal message,quoted you in a thread, new posts appear in subscribed...
  18. unorthadox

    What's your favourite piece of military kit and why?

    Military kit seems to be love it or hate it thing. What I have not found yet though is a dedicated thread to discussing favourite items from the military to use in bushcraft. So, what is your favourite piece of kit and why?, it doesn't have to be limited to clothing. For me, its a 58...
  19. unorthadox

    100 uses for Paracord

    Ok lets try and get a list of 100 uses of paracord. Rules: The use must be specific. A good example is "Tying a tarp to trees". A bad example is "Making knots" Copy and paste the previous list to keep the thread neat without so new users dont need to skim through laods of pages. Keep...
  20. unorthadox

    What's the ideal first aid kit?

    What do you think the ideal first aid kit is for bushcraft? To help make this more specific here are the following conditions. For 3-7 adults with average first aid experience (know how to use all common items in a first aid kit) Can be used in all UK camping environments (fields...