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  1. Lithril

    Ticks and their removal!

    I'm quite prone to getting ticks, the best tick remover I've found so far is the Tick Lasso, I think I've got about 4 of them scattered in various first aid kids and around the hours. The main benefit of these is they can accomodate any size tick and once it's out you it keeps hold of it so you...
  2. Lithril

    See through hammock

    It's going to be interesting to see how it lasts. They claim a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects however it doesn't include normal wear and tear, what that means in reality I've no idea so watch this space. As I said for longer camps I'll go with the tried and tested home made ones but...
  3. Lithril

    See through hammock

    This will be for pedals, I'm not as bothered about the pack size on the Tiger. I'd be interested to compare it to the Alpkit one and the the same one but in XL.
  4. Lithril

    See through hammock

    I'm tweaking my kit at the moment not so much in terms of weight but more size to fit into cycling bags. My current hammocks I made years ago and they have (and still are) served me well but they are quite bulky. I was looking at the Alpkit Mora hammock but Sarge mentioned the Sea to Summit...
  5. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    I've just tried that, if you press on the page numbers to the left of the next arrow it should give you the option to jump to a page of your choice. Just tried it on my phone and it works.
  6. Lithril

    Site upgrade coming soon

    It could be a permission thing I'll have a look. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    Thanks for that it's possibly not directing to https properly, I'll look into it. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    I'm also working on a dark theme as well.
  9. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    I'm working on that. there is an issue on mobiles where the screen reformats and the colour scheme from this morning makes the logo unreadable. Leave it with us, it's next on the list.
  10. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    Tapatalk should now be working if you can test it please.
  11. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    For the Recent Posts, if you use the drop down menu "What's New" next to "Forums" there is an option in there for "Latest Activity". I haven't set Tapatalk up yet but it's on my list.
  12. Lithril

    Upgrade Observations:

    Cheers, I noticed that as well, I'll add it to the list. Just looking at the mobile colours/formatting at the moment :)
  13. Lithril

    A ride on sharpener.

    Love it, great find. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. Lithril

    Keith Beaney's GoFundMe Campaign

    Some of you will know Keith Beaney from the ground art he produces at the BushMoot. If you've not met him he is a great guy and has asked us to post this to promote his GoFundMe page he has created while he fights prostate cancer. If you're able to help him please look here...
  15. Lithril

    Diddly, Diddly, Do

    That's brilliant, I haven't thought about making multi prop ones. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  16. Lithril

    Making my first cloak

    I'm going to buy some more of this waxed cotton and line it to make a smock. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. Lithril

    Making my first cloak

    So I've been talking to Mary (Toddy) for the past few weeks about making a cloak. The thought started off with our local school doing a world book day character fancy dress so I thought I quite fancied something from LOTR. Then I thought that actually I wanted something for sitting around the...
  18. Lithril

    Looking for a light rucksack

    Pricey but IMO Osprey is the way forward for lightweight rucksacks. I've had a couple now and they're well made with good attention to detail. My Exos was lighter than the box it arrived in.
  19. Lithril

    Down Blanket.

    Tony had one from CostCo I was looking at on Tuesday, quite uncanny as I've just clicked off the Alpkit sale after looking at theirs only to see you post this.
  20. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 4 (final episode)

    So the final episode in this series is here. Hope you've enjoyed these and look forward to the next video.