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  1. Alreetmiowdmuka

    I need a new thermos.

    Alreet. Who’s got a good un.? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Alreetmiowdmuka

    psoriasis Natural remedies

    Alreet.i have a friend who has this skin condition.he’s been taking medication for years and has had some results but now his body has gotten used to that medication so the docs got him on something even stronger.i understand that the doc knows what he’s doing that’s not the discussion here.does...
  3. Alreetmiowdmuka

    For Sale Cabela’s hunting bib

    Brand new still got tags on.bought for me as a crimbo present from family in the states but don’t fit me.size large anerican sizing n their too long in the leg.if someone interested I can throw a tape over them if necessary.label says 180 dollars so looking for £90 posted.absolute bargain! also...
  4. Alreetmiowdmuka


    Alreet..i’m looking into getting a pair off wellies.mainly for walking the dog over the tops near Can get very muddy at times n I’m sick off having to clean my hiking boots all the time.i want something comfortable that I can clock a few miles up in.they”ll also come in handy for fishing...
  5. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Green oak structure

    Alreet.ive been knocking up a green oak structure for a client and I know how some of you like a bit of timber so I thought I'd share it.i designed and built this one myself from footing to roof. it started life as a sketch on his kitchen table.all mortice and tenon proper Job like.10x6 green...
  6. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Making alcohol ?

    Alreet.i'm just sat at home thinking about camping and the woods.getting lost in my own thoughts about living of grid an living a life in the thing i would really miss its sad I know is alcohol.would it be possible too actually make decent alcohol from scratch when life is stripped...
  7. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Opinel sheath

    Alreet .i got a new opinel number 8 for Father's Day so I decided to make a sheath for it.did a bit last night and finished it off today.stitchings a bit grim I just can't seem to get it bob on really struggle with it.first time I've ever used the oxblood dye.really rich colour love it . just...
  8. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Any got a svord hunter drop point Alreet.i'm thinking of purchasing one of these.does anyone own or have any experience with them.on paper it ticks a lot of boxes for me but that doesn't always transpire into reality Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Midge repellent recommend

    Alreet.i'm off up Scotland for a long weekend next month so I'm looking for a decent repellent.anyone got a favourite brand they could recommend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Alreetmiowdmuka

    2 mora blanks with cherry handles

    Alreet.just thought I'd show these two mora blanks I put handles on.made from a cherry tree I chopped down at work last year some leather and antler.just got to make some sheaths I will keep one the other I'm gonna give to a mate for his fortieth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Purchasing leather help please

    Alreet.i'm hoping someone could help me out sourcing some leather too make some sheaths.up to now I've managed to beg borrow or swap.i'm looking for 2/3 mm veg tan.a nice big piece maybe 2/3ft square too keep me going on projects.if some could post a link or some fool proof instructions like...
  12. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Opinel neck sheath

    Alreet.i'm introducing my lad to the idea that he may possibly be able to own his first knife this year.if he shows me that he can be responsible that I knocked him a sheath up.its got its flaws but just thought I'd show it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Boots resoled ?

    Alreet. Toying with the idea of having my meindl borneo hiking boots resoled.i walk placing the outside of my heel on the ground first causing uneven wear to the soles.anyone had their boots resoled or maybe recommend a good company to do it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Jute twine recommend please

    Hi looking for some decent jute twine 2 or 3 mm thick.if some could point me in the right direction please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Alreetmiowdmuka

    First net

    Hi n a merry Christmas too you all.i received the sas survival hand book by lofty wiseman as a present this year.ive been flicking through the pages for a few days now and this afternoon I tried out a couple.first I built a figure 4 dead fall trap of which I did not take pics.sorry!.then I had a...
  16. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Jenny lake grand Teton

    Alreet I just got back from visiting family in America and was lucky enough too spend 5 days camping in Yellowstone park.i will post up some picks when I've sorted through them all but just wanted too share a peaceful moment I captured on my phone. Sent from my...
  17. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Joseph Rogers and sons penknife

    Alreet. Looking for some info on this little's my dads n it's been in a draw for god knows how long. He said it was his grandads. its not in the best of nick n couldn't even make out the writing till I gave it a quick shine with some polishing compound. Sent from my iPhone...
  18. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Recommend me some budget binoculars

    Alreet. I've got a holiday booked for later in the year n part of it is spending 5 days at Yellowstone park.i 'd like too buy a cheapish pair of binos. I'd prefer the smaller type don't want be lugging anything too big around with me. Thanks Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Timber garage bracing help?

    Alreet.i'm hoping for some advice off the extremely resourceful folk of bcuk. Cut a long story short I'm building a timber garage for a customer. This has been a bit of a design and build project and I've reached a stumbling block and can't figure out how too brace the door.the problem is that...
  20. Alreetmiowdmuka

    Melt and pour recommend please

    Alreet. After reading up a bit on soap making recently. I'm gonna have a bash at making some of my own soap.i'll probably rope the young un in on this one. While the the process Of making soap from scratch seems an interesting one I think I'd like to get a batch done n see how I take too it/...