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  1. ady05


    how do i change the size of my pictures to meet the requirements of the site if possible many thanks ady:D
  2. ady05

    reindeer skin/rug

    i have for swap a riendeer skin/rug that i would like to swap for kinfe making equiptment (gonna try and make one myself) i purchased this from evilbay a while a go and it just sits in a bin liner the missus aint happy as when i take it out i end up having to hoover up the hair if interested i...
  3. ady05

    birds of prey

    many of you seem to have birds of prey may it be to work with or just as pets i have been interested in following this path for some time now and was wondering what if any sort of licence i would need, would i have to be a member of any organisation or if anyone know of any good sites that may...
  4. ady05

    cramp balls

  5. ady05

    home made smoker

    does anyone have any ideas for a good home made smoker i wish to try out smoked crayfish any drawings or designs would be appreciated :D :D :D
  6. ady05

    coastal tour

    i was just wondering how many of you guys get the chance to visit the coast i live within 5mins of the beach and have never realy taken any notice of it i guess i just took it as an every day occurance. :D :D :D
  7. ady05

    guide books

    i was wandering what guide books you guys take when out (if any) and what would you recormend for people new to the bushcraft scene like myself, do you have any favourites ? :You_Rock_ people ady
  8. ady05

    nice looking rucksack

    what do you think of these just spotted one on evil bay a Swedish Reindeer Leather Bushcraft Rucksack with Knife! i like it, does anyone have one if so are they any good...
  9. ady05

    cramp balls

    i have in my posession around 40 cramp balls ranging from around 1cm -6cm some sound hollow and some do not i was looking to swap for some 2.5-3.5mm leather to make a small possibles pouch or even a sheath any takers ? ady :D :D :D
  10. ady05


    many of you probably have children that go to cubs or scouts or the female version my question is at what age can they start cubs (my son is 4 nearly 5) and would many of you recormend this :D :D :D ady
  11. ady05

    bushcraft on the cheap

    hi guys i have a 12 year old nephew who is now getting into bushcraft he is not very well off (single parent) yesterday he came to my house with a £2 tea caddy that we converted into a small billy can the kid seemed over the moon with this so i was wondering what other items could be done on...
  12. ady05

    surprising what you.........

    just found this little lot
  13. ady05

    bcuk shop

    i see the bcuk site shows a shop on its site question is do they actually have one if not are they likely to open one with lots of discounted products for members ? would be nice :D
  14. ady05

    rm wild food passaround

    hi there i managed to record all 5 episode of rays wild food onto dvd if anyone is interested i am willing to pass them around :D
  15. ady05


    could anyone tell me of a good place to get leather to make my first sheath ? :lmao:
  16. ady05

    Wetterlings Supplier

    i would love a wetterlings axe but unable to find a uk supplier anyone know of where to get one ? :)
  17. ady05

    cramp balls

    hi guys has anyone out there ever used crampballs as tinder if so is there a certain way to prepair it ive been told to cut it in half and leave to dry ? :You_Rock_
  18. ady05


    anyone know a good place to get leather from im gonna attempt to make my own sheath :grouphug:
  19. ady05

    bushcraft courses

    hi there does anyone know of any bushcraft courses in or around east anglia thankyou :lmao:
  20. ady05

    bow making

    could someone please help i wish to have ago at bow making i understand that yew is the best item for this but i have not seen any around my erea is there a good substitute instead thankyou all :You_Rock_