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  1. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    The Common Snapping Turtle: A symbol of Survival

    I figured I'd title this like a really bad biology project…:rolleyes: I teach bushcraft whenever I can. Here in Ontario, the seasons are incredibly different. And each brings with it different flora and fauna to study, often in great detail. This past June, during the Dragonfly Course...
  2. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Homemade Micarta (J-carta) question

    I suppose this would be better suited for the BB forums, but seeing as I'm looking for some opinions specifically from Bushcrafters, I came here (thank me later for the loyalty:D ). I am planning to rehandle a Cold Steel Recon Scout Bowie (already reshaped the blade to what I would prefer in...
  3. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Sil-Nylon Tarp Repair

    I've looked and haven't seen this question asked (Though I'm sure it has been, and my dial-up is playing tricks on me :rolleyes: ). I bought a Chinook Guide Tarp (12x14) to replace a damaged Basha of mine. I wanted larger to make more space for students, as well as my own comfort. However...
  4. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Wool Tunics

    I'll be making a few tunics out of wool blankets this spring, for my fall and winter hunts. Although I've made many buckskin and woolen clothes, I'm curious about making a new design (in my own collection). I've seen the old pullover designs, but I'm more interested in a modern button-up...
  5. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    New knives (well sorta)

    Sadly my digital camera died back in October, hence no new photos since then. So I can't show you blokes what I picked up... but here's the story; In Canada, there's a new holiday called Family Day.. why it came to be, I'll never know, because I didn't see any families spending time together...
  6. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Christmas Robbery

    This evening, some heavy set man tried to break into my house. I shot him in the rear, but don't know if I hit him right, because I couldn't see any blood.. probably from all of the red he was wearing. Anyways, the big guy took off into the woods, leaving behind a tobbaggan tied to a bunch...
  7. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Wilderness Films

    There's a lot of movies out, that depict (or try to depict) the wilderness, with maybe some skills involved. Several of these hollywood films, are poorly done, b movies, that were just to be quick bucks for their makers. While others, had serious outdoorsmen involved to help bring quality and...
  8. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Steel Atlatl dartheads

    I've been working on an atlatl for a young woman. The throwing board is a former ash bow stave, that broke (too much shaving near the handle), with a soapstone weight, and soapstone spur. The darts have not been made yet, but I plan to use wild turkey feathers, and ash and willow for the...
  9. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Back from the bush

    ...annnnd 2 months later, I have returned from Algonquin Park. Have alot of videos, and photos, and alot of stories, but need to organize them. Missed all of you folks, told everyone there about all of you, your skills (such as deep frying wooden spoons:lmao: ). Hope to ease back into the...
  10. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Out and about,,, for 2 months!

    This Sunday I leave for Algonquin Park. I will be working as the Survival/Naturelore instructor at Camp Pathfinder I'll be taking 11-14 year olds into the bush and teaching them bushcraft for 1-2 week intervals. I'll also be talking to the directors about...
  11. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    You'll never believe who..

    You'll never believe who Jon M and I met while camping last week!!!! :D :D :D ...No hard feelings right? :theyareon
  12. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Flint and Steel Video

    Done by your's truly. JonM was my Cameraman, and we did this and a few other videos while out camping this past week. Check around on my video collection to see the other ones This is the first of a two part...
  13. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    HEY JonM!!

    See ya at Denny's Dam tommorrow, 3 days of canoeing and Bushcraft, then two days of backpacking! Oh, and for everyone else... expect blogs :D
  14. OzaawaaMigiziNini


    Okay, I work at a hardware store. Yesterday, I went through one of our ordering catalogues and came across a Bahco folding saw. It was titled a Bahco "Sandvik", but from the image, it was similar to a Laplander. Two questions. a) Is this in any way similar to a Laplander, or is "Sandvik"...
  15. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Just to make Wentworth excited.. Warning! Photo heavy

    This little thread is two things; A) it's me out for a day at Dead Deer Crest, a ridge 110 feet above the Saugeen River. Named after one of my first times tracking, and coming across the skull of a white tailed deer buck at this crest. B) it's a preview for Mr Wentworth. Here's the...
  16. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Some advice

    Porcupine, is the only animal in the Canadian wilderness that can be easily hunted in a survival situation (no firearm or bow). Because of this, Dr Gino Ferri dubbed the porcupine "the survivor's friend". It is also why during the early 1900s, Canada removed porcupine from legal animals to hunt...
  17. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Kukri Sheath

    Last spring I bought a Cold Steel Kukri Machete. One of my favourite warm weather cutting tools. It came with a Cordura sheath that lasted oh.. 10 minutes. :rolleyes: So I did some research, and pulled this lil beauty out of the woodshop last night. Need to make a strap and a belt...
  18. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Imperial Rehandle (Picture Heavy)

    I purchased a knife from a surplus store about three years ago. Flat grind, 3 inch blade, black kraton handle. It was called an Imperial knife, from Ireland. Stainless steel (yeah yeah, I know), with a kraton handle. I don't like kraton, so I quickly chopped it off with a chisel. And there on my...
  19. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Highlander 99L

    I know I've asked about them before, but a fellow Bushcrafter (Jon M) is sending one my way. Should be here by Friday at the latest. He's been kind enough to let me look at it up close before I send him the money for it. I give him 100% creds for that (I'd Rep him, but I fear that is the...
  20. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    This weekend

    Alright, in about 7 hours I'm heading into the bush for the day with an old survival school buddy of mine. From 8am-6pm we'll be building a shelter, and catching some early spring fish (streams are all bare now) for our lunch and supper. After which, we head to Toronto for the Outdoor...