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  1. Pawprints

    Never lend someone your axe!

    Poor poor axe! Glad it will get a new lease of life! I recommend protecting the haft of axes with leather, it wont stop a brainless ogre of a tradesman, but it does help from those chunks and dints from general wear and tear. The ideas is that the leather is a sacrificial part to be replaced...
  2. Pawprints

    Bushmoot Starter Course

    I think George's thread this would make a good 'sticky' so anyone visiting the Bushmoot zone can see this throughout the coming year. Thoughts??? James
  3. Pawprints

    Hello from Sheffield

    Welcome to the forum Kit. James
  4. Pawprints

    Some more Bushmoot Photos - Day 2

    Dave, Cheers for Kieth's details, I have just dropped him a thank-you message. James
  5. Pawprints

    Some more Bushmoot Photos - Day 2

    These were on Day 2. We did paracord pouches with Elliot in the morning, cheers Elliot, and then made spiral necklaces out of electrical wire, this was an ace activity for the kids as they were capable of the steps and came away with a really nice piece of jewelry! Thanks to the guy with the...
  6. Pawprints

    wanted 10mm catty ammo mold

    I have a few 2 cavity mould of different sizes knocking about which might do the trick. PM me please if it sounds interesting. I'm not far from you either ;-) James
  7. Pawprints

    Armstrong at Bushmoot 2014 - photo evidence of a superb and educational time!

    Good idea George about starting a thread showing all the activities covered on the starter course. We split into the smaller groups and I am sure plenty of photos were taken, it would be good if you start a thread and put a call out to all to see what photos are out there! We didn't take...
  8. Pawprints

    Armstrong at Bushmoot 2014 - photo evidence of a superb and educational time!

    Dear Dave, George is smack on, yes our fire set up came from Alan at ARC Welding We bought the larger oval fire platform as it seemed most functional, we bought it at this years 'Bushcraft Show' where Alan was selling them. They are around £155 list price...
  9. Pawprints

    Armstrong at Bushmoot 2014 - photo evidence of a superb and educational time!

    Yep Crosslankelly, burning some midnight oil and signing up to Photobucket seemed to do the trick! James
  10. Pawprints

    Armstrong at Bushmoot 2014 - photo evidence of a superb and educational time!

    Our family extend heartfelt thanks to all who organised this year's Bushmoot and to those who generously gave their time to share their experience and knowledge with us! As you will see in the attached photos we had a fantastic time. [/URL][/IMG] Welcome to the wilderness! [/URL][/IMG]...
  11. Pawprints

    hello from basingstoke

    I look forward to your contributions, welcome. James
  12. Pawprints

    Tree of Life Satchel

    Hamish, nice one, so that is the project that has kept you busy this week! See ya, James
  13. Pawprints

    First trailer for the sequel to '300'.

    My wife will be pleased, she loved the first '300 hunky guys' film. Her eye candy.... James
  14. Pawprints

    Hello from a young aspiring bushcrafter!

    Welcome Sam. James
  15. Pawprints

    Hello from Nottinghamshire :)

    A warm hello and welcome. Regards, James
  16. Pawprints

    Another leather bag, and a question

    Nice bag. I second Dreadhead, I have been using veg oil, olive oil to be precise, finishing off with wax which seals it in. Neatsfoot I often find too pungent. James
  17. Pawprints

    North Florida checking in...

    Welcome to BCUK. I am sure you will have some interesting skills and stories to share with us Brits! James
  18. Pawprints

    Hello all

    Welcome. I also learnt loads from my Grandpa, I wish I had tapped more of his wisdom, I appreciate what he was offering now, too late now though. Not so much bushcraft but ropework and scrimshaw as he was a mariner and went to sea at 14 on the steel hulled Norwegian rigged tall ships. I am...