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  1. Forest fella

    Brandit US Cooper Medium Rucksack 25L ?

    Anyone have any experience of this pack, As a Mate just asked me to find him a Cheap ish Pack for when he's biking to work / Camping and I spotted this 1. He spotted it on UKMCPro's site cheers
  2. Forest fella

    For Sale WYNNSTER ''EQUADOR'' 85Ltr Rucksack

    I Have a Wynnster ''Equador'' 85Ltr Rucksack in Black it's in Excellent Condition, Meaning was used once to go to Tesco last year. Anyone interested?
  3. Forest fella

    For Sale Lofty Style S.A.S Survival Kit

    The pouch is Belt mounted with 1 Thick / Wide piece of Green Webbing and is made by ''BestGlide'' which is a U.S company and is in Mint condition never took out of the House. POUCH DETAILS: 1000 D Cordura YKK Self Healing Zipper 3/4 oz Water Resistant Backing Mil Spec Hardware and Webbing Mil...
  4. Forest fella

    Way's to tone down a watch clasp

    I've got 2 strap's for my G-SHOCK and they both have stainless steel Buckles / clasp's, Anyone know of a cheap effective way to blacken these up easily. So I can cut down the Shine. I don't want to bugger up the steel or strap. cheer's
  5. Forest fella

    For Sale Bear Grylls Dvd Series

    I'm getting irid of a load of B.G's DVD Box set's Series. I'll Add the Details and Picture's in the morning. there ''USED'' But Great Nick. Just wanted to see if there would be any interested parties. cheer's
  6. Forest fella

    ''Fishing'' bits & Bobs wanted for small Survival kit

    Hi, I've Had a good look in the loft and I can't see where my Old fishing tackle is, So I had a quick search around and the small / ''''mini'''' survival kit's are a RipOff which hardly have any stuff in them. So if anyone can spare/Sell me some Basic's meaning Hook's,Line,Weight's Please let...
  7. Forest fella

    ''FIRELINE'' cordage?

    I'm trying to buy about 10 / 15ft of Berkley FIRELINE in the Smoke colour / which is a Type of all purpose cordage, But within the UK, Anyone own any and want to sell abit of it. cheer's
  8. Forest fella

    Sold 2 ReadyMan ''Survival'' Cards

    Evening, I'm selling these ''READYMAN Survival Cards'' as one lot, 1 is the Wilderness Card and the 2nd is the Hostage Card. ''NEW'' both in there bag's with the card Sleeve's from Hennie's. £18.50 with Postage. OVER 18's & UK buyer's Only Please And I'll post them 2nd Class ''Signed for''. All...
  9. Forest fella

    Micro para-cord?

    I've just been looking into ''Micro'' Para-cord for a mate, And from what I gather it is paracord without the inner strands, So is that just the Cheapo ''Fake'' type? you get on some site's or is it different.
  10. Forest fella

    NATO Brass Button Compass damage?

    Morning, I lent my mate 1 of my Brass Button Compass's afew weeks ago to show a friend of his, and yesterday he put it through my letter box with a note saying sorry, And all he's gave me back is the Compass dial with no housing. Anyone had to fix 1 or know of a way to make it into a working...
  11. Forest fella

    Watch Crown ?

    Morning, I'm trying to find out if anyone knows where you can buy or has made there own watch crown guards, meaning a piece of plastic to stop the crown popping back in while you don't want the watch ticking so you can save it's battery. I've made afew temporary 1's from metal and plastic, but...
  12. Forest fella

    Leather ''ZIPPO'' lighter Pouch?

    Evening, Anyone know of a good quality Leather Belt Pouch with Snap or Fold over fastening for a Zippo lighter, preferably in Brown or Light brown, Which cost's less than £25 ish. As I've having a good look online and there's are loads some with conflicting reviews. cheer's
  13. Forest fella

    Mil-Tec Waterproof Suit?

    Anyone have any experience with this item, As a friend has asked me to check online for a cheap set of wet gear for him and he's already told me that he doesn't want a poncho. So I've brought it for him to have a look at. I've read afew online Reviews, But he only wants them for a back-up. cheers
  14. Forest fella

    For Sale victorinox ''SWISS CHAMP'' knife with Pouch & Extra's

    Morning, I'm selling this victorinox ''SWISS CHAMP'' knife, As I have only used it once to see how good the saw was on a thin wooden dowel. It comes with all the Extra's you can see in the pic's. 1 Spare Pen, 1 Spare Pick, 1 Swiss Army Sharpening Stone and a Leather Swiss Army Belt / Key...
  15. Forest fella

    Infantry Style watch ?

    One of my young cousins asked me yesterday to try and find out if these watch's were any good for a simple and cheap Military style watch, I've had alook around online and at there Spec's, But I'd rather have the opinion of anyone who's got or had one. cheers
  16. Forest fella

    Mr Mears on the News

    Nice to see Ray Mears on the BBC1 News now talking about the Wildlife in Australia on Kangaroo island.. He hasn't changed.
  17. Forest fella

    CASIO G-SHOCK watch strap?

    Morning, I've been looking around for a New Casio G-Shock Shock GA-800-1ADR watch strap, Like it's original Rubber/Resin one or a NATO Style strap, But I'm not sure if the one's I've found on Ebay will fit my model. Does anyone know if they would. cheer's
  18. Forest fella

    Sold Buffalo Jacket/Shirt Olive

    Hi, I'm selling this Buffalo Pull On Shirt / Coat I think it's the Mountain Version, But it coat be the Special 6 Shirt. Colour=OLIVE Size=XL Comes with Hood and Face Cover which have never been used. There is a small Patch on the Front which you can see in the Pic's. where I had to mend it due...
  19. Forest fella

    For Sale NATO ''Green'' watch Strap

    Hi, I'm selling this ''NEW'' NATO watch strap in Olive Green with 22mm lug width, with the Plain Steel Buckles. £6.50 with postage 2nd class. All payments via PayPal. UK Buyer's Only Please Cheer's
  20. Forest fella

    Sold MAXPEDITION Pouch

    I'm selling this NEW Maxpedition 1430G 4'' OD-GREEN Flashlight/Knife Pouch.On it's Packaging Card. £14.50 with postage. All Payments via PayPal and UK Buyer's ONLY Please. cheer's