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  1. Trotsky

    Sourcing a LARGE cast iron frying pan?

    Is this big enough? I got one using the amazon voucher I got for xmas from work last year, biggest I've seen and weighs 5kg!
  2. Trotsky

    M77 Norwegian army boots

    I had several pairs of these in my teens and early 20s as my dad lives up in Harstad, Norway. Some of the most comfortable boots I ever owned, I wore the soles through on every pair! Getting a pair for that money is a steal.
  3. Trotsky

    Bannock On Gas

    I'm glad I've eaten already because that would have certainly made me hungry otherwise!
  4. Trotsky

    Bannock On Gas

    I haven't tried bannock this way but, I have made damper bread which is similar using a Trangia 27 meths stove and the matching trangia billy. The dough went in a greased small saucepan which was placed inside the billy lifted by pebbles (a trivet would be better), cooking foil was placed over...
  5. Trotsky

    Multi tool, which one?

    None? I've seen a multitude of them from childhood and never seen/found one that's genuinely useful to be worthy of its price tag. A Tinker Swiss army knife is the closest I'll get and that only comes out if I need the phillips screwdriver part of it which is hardly ever. They're one amongst...
  6. Trotsky

    Wilko's clothes poles/Polish Lavvu 'A' frame??

    The wilkos poles are handy things, useful in many ways. I would however, recommend supplementing the locking mechanism with a jubilee clip, the wing nut style if possible so you can tighten without tools.
  7. Trotsky

    Break ins.

    Beefy padlock backed up by a claymore? :P
  8. Trotsky

    Break ins.

    If someone absolutely wants your stuff there's nothing really you can do about it, even if you're sat there watching, rifle in hand, they'll simply wait until you nod off from exhaustion. You can however do a great deal to dissuade the less determined and the opportunist tea leaves. Get better...
  9. Trotsky

    WinterMoot 2019

    Is the winter moot still a goer for next year? There seemed to be quite a bit of interest from what I heard at this year's bushmoot.
  10. Trotsky

    Remove Paint from Stainless Steel Pot

    Put them in the fire, paint burns off pretty readily. Once it's blistered up it will scrape off easily and then its just a clean up operation with abrasives. It's very much like burning paint off of doors, frames, skirtings etc. You won't shift dried paint with white spirits as most paints are a...
  11. Trotsky

    Flavoured Salt

    Dean had some chilli salt at the Moot that was quite potent so that at least is possible.
  12. Trotsky

    Catapult competition at the Moot

    That depends how you want to hold the frame and how much you want to spend. I don't really like the thumb and forefinger grip so I use the hammer grip which lead me to get a Rambone (made by Jörg Sprave of the slingshot channel on youtube.) While my other half opted for a TacHammer as it's a...
  13. Trotsky

    Catapult competition at the Moot

    Fair enough, I can see the logic in that.
  14. Trotsky

    Catapult competition at the Moot

    Mint imperials don't seem to fly very well, I think due to them not being fully round. Aniseed balls or something else spherical would be better.
  15. Trotsky

    Just killed a spider.

    We get these at work in clusters. This is a small one, I've seen them twice the size where the abdomen is larger than a penny. The bigger they get the more crozzled, mean and ugly they get, I think it may have been one of these that bit someone who worked there a few years ago. Left quite a...
  16. Trotsky

    Lamb Roast Bushmoot 2018 Names

    Either side of the core days suits Bex, Callum, Matt and me, we're going to be there for the whole moot. Perhaps if we only pencil in the date for now and make a firm decision when we're there? Organising face to face is probably easier and we can plan around things like weather.
  17. Trotsky

    Lamb Roast Bushmoot 2018 Names

    Maybe do it before or after the core days? We can commit more time to both the event and the preparation required. Many hands make light work but, you cannot hurry the roasting.
  18. Trotsky

    Lamb Roast Bushmoot 2018 Names

    Callum has a friend coming with him to the moot who wants in on this so, 1. Hammock_Man 2. Jeff Edwards 3. JohnC 4. boubindica 5. Trotsky 6. Bex (my other half) 7. Callum (Thumb slasher) 8. Matt (Callum's friend)
  19. Trotsky

    Axe handle treatment advice

    I made my own "linwax" by melting beeswax into linseed oil (not boiled) in a double boiler and allowing it to cool in a jam jar. The result is rather like shoe polish, rub a thin coat of it over the whole axe, head and handle, allow to dry for a while and buff off. It gives a nice finish, helps...
  20. Trotsky

    Lamb Roast Bushmoot 2018 Names

    1. Hammock_Man 2. Jeff Edwards 3. JohnC 4. boubindica 5. Trotsky 6. Bex (my other half) 7. Callum (Thumb slasher) Should we also bring Port for warming by the fire Paddy?