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  1. Big G

    Daniel Boone Challenge weekend in Suffolk.

    Back to basics there Colin, make do and mend ;) Nice pics mate :cool:
  2. Big G

    Camp coffee advice wanted

    I used a small mesh ball on my last trip, fill with fresh ground coffee, it hangs on a chain from the rim of your mug. Just pour hot water in, and leave it steep for a few minutes :) You can pick them up on ebay for a few quid, just search for "mesh ball tea leaf strainer"
  3. Big G

    3 day hiking trip advice needed

    No worries :) Paul's vid just come to mind, he should get a good few backpacking meal ideas from it :cool:
  4. Big G

    3 day hiking trip advice needed

    You might get a bit of inspiration from Paul Kirtley's video, if you already haven't seen it. "How to pack a week's worth of food in to a bergen plce side pocket" :) He goes through the calorie content of each meal, it's readly available to buy in...
  5. Big G

    2l ortlieb water bag.

    Aye, no worries, i knew what ya ment, that's why i added the smiley's ;)
  6. Big G

    2l ortlieb water bag.

    Does anyone know if the Sawyer mini screws on to the smaller opening on the bag ?
  7. Big G

    2l ortlieb water bag.

    Aye, it does ;) i've been using a coke bottle, this packs down smaller, when hiking :cool:
  8. Big G

    2l ortlieb water bag.

    Colin, i've just checked, still says 1 left for sale! Edit.... Yep , i've just looked at his other items for sale, it's gone :(
  9. Big G

    Ration Packs - What's Your Favourite?

    I've not tried any of the new rat pack meals, i've still got a few Chicken tikka and Chilli con carne ones, i think the use by date has well gone on them, but i'll still scoff em ;) I called in Poundland a few weeks back, the LWWF meals Italian Beef Meatballs had been reduced to 50p, still...
  10. Big G

    2l ortlieb water bag.

    I've just bought one of these : £7.99 plus free p+p from ebay should be ideal for collecting water from rivers or streams :) I'm hoping i can attach my...
  11. Big G

    What's your favourite camping meal?

    At the moment I'm really into cooking Ribeye steak on my £5 pound Lidl griddle pan :cool:
  12. Big G

    Do you DPM or not and why?

    I don't mind wearing Camo, when when away from the towns and city's, out in the sticks. On one of my trips out in the Yorkshire dales, with Al ( Bopdude) we were hiking on a narrow trail, and spotted a group of hikers coming towards us, so we moved of the trail to let them past. As they pasted...
  13. Big G

    Heads Up - Olive Green Gaffer Tape

    I was in there last Sunday, checking out the camping gear, i must of missed it :confused:
  14. Big G

    Heads Up - Olive Green Gaffer Tape

    Cheers Jaeger :) Been looking for some olive gaffer tape, for joining 2 cheap tarps for a footprint.
  15. Big G

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - colour choice - 2nd GB

    Received yesterday, Thank-you :)
  16. Big G

    TRITIUM NITE GLOWRING - Always on GITD tag - Beta decay - colour choice - 2nd GB

    Payment sent via Paypal on 29th July :)
  17. Big G

    cheap CCF pad questions - foil vs thicker padding?

    As Chris says i think it a case of trial and error when first starting out, getting your sleep system right. I soon found out a CCF mat and 3/4 length brit army inflatable mat wasn't enough for a comfortable nights sleep for me. I can't get away with sleeping on a hard surface, getting up with...
  18. Big G

    Karrimor SF Stealth jacket

    Nice one mate :) Hope it serves you well, and get some good use out of it. Which colour did you go for.
  19. Big G

    Fort williams

    Very interesting strategy indeed. I hope you make it back with either footage or pics and write a trip report, will be a very engaging read..! :)
  20. Big G

    Mens Montane Polatec Top Orange XXL.

    Withdrawn now..