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  1. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    TOPS B.O.B FIELD CRAFT KNIFE(best way to sharpen?)

    Its' not much different from any other convexed edge.
  2. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    CC survival tool

    Minotaur, I let a few students and colleagues handle the CCST, so far it's all been thumbs up.. well.. except for one colleague who jokingly said "I still prefer my Mora, cuz that's all anyone will ever need".. jokingly because he knows you can't split cord wood with a mora easily, no matter...
  3. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    CC survival tool

    I've been carrying the CC-ST since Mid-February on most of my journeys into the woods here in Canada. The blade doesn't feel heavy or off-balance, but from what has been educated to me, experience + strength + body weight = what feels balanced. I'm a 6 foot tall man that has handled axes my...
  4. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Crooked knives

    I would suggest Jojo's over anyone else out there. I've been using his design for a year and a half straight in the Canadian woods, making everything from pothangers to canoe paddles, and will always vouch for his work. It's also reasonably priced.
  5. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Bear Sighting!

    I completely agree Paul, I've grown up in black bear country my entire life. Bear ettiquette(sp?) will remove nearly all dangers in my honest opinion. Bravo on the pictures! I loved seeing those! :)
  6. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Axe lanyards...?

    Most SAR (search and rescue) folks that I deal with wear belt knives with short, but bright coloured lanyards on them. This is so that even in snow or water, they can find their knife (in case it fell out, or if they have to reach for it on a belt, or if they set it down for a moment). After...
  7. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    The Common Snapping Turtle: A symbol of Survival

    ...Well isn't that ironic.. ...The symbol of Native North America decides to go to England without permission :lmao:
  8. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    The Common Snapping Turtle: A symbol of Survival

    :) Thanks Shewie. Oh and Jojo, got my blog up, PM me for the link. No point having everyone have to go see it when it's just me rambling :lmao:
  9. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    The Common Snapping Turtle: A symbol of Survival

    Y'know that's not a bad idea brother.. I actually made a blogspot after reading your's so many times.. just never got around to doing anything with it.. Off I go :D
  10. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    A pair of knives and piggyback sheaths (pics heavy)

    .....I am suddenly at a loss for words... Your work always amazes me brother. Is that chopper the blade you showed me in amongst my blades?
  11. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Homemade Micarta (J-carta) question

    Thanks TeeDee, was just looking for that link a few hours ago
  12. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    The Common Snapping Turtle: A symbol of Survival

    Funny that you mention it Jojo, but in my honest opinion, they deserve Canada's respect, and the thanks of all North Americans near any body of water. They remove the dead, the rotting, and the diseased, by a simple process (eating!), and leave us with healthier waters. If we ever lost the...
  13. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Homemade Micarta (J-carta) question

    ...Okay Singleblister.. :You_Rock_
  14. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    The Common Snapping Turtle: A symbol of Survival

    I figured I'd title this like a really bad biology project…:rolleyes: I teach bushcraft whenever I can. Here in Ontario, the seasons are incredibly different. And each brings with it different flora and fauna to study, often in great detail. This past June, during the Dragonfly Course...
  15. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    From Florida

    Welcome to BCUK Green Deane :)
  16. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    new Tipi and homemade woodburner

    Absolutely marvelous Gill :) Been looking for a good priced one like that for quite some time now.. might end up just buying a parachute and cannibalizing it for pieces to make my own. She's a beaut my friend. A real beaut.
  17. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    "Elvenising" my equipment.

    Move along... move along.... :D
  18. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Homemade Micarta (J-carta) question

    Aye, thanks Singeblister, and Tengu, you can find this subject on British Blades (the maker had an amazing Blue Jean handled knife!). My main reason for wanting to use this, is the shear amount of old denim and scrap canvas I have laying around. I would rather see the pieces go to handling...
  19. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Homemade Micarta (J-carta) question

    I suppose this would be better suited for the BB forums, but seeing as I'm looking for some opinions specifically from Bushcrafters, I came here (thank me later for the loyalty:D ). I am planning to rehandle a Cold Steel Recon Scout Bowie (already reshaped the blade to what I would prefer in...
  20. OzaawaaMigiziNini

    Survival v Bushcraft?

    I simply believe in the concept of the right tool, for the right job. I love Mora knives and other "bushcraft" blades. I've also carried kukri, machetes, Bowies, and your classic "Rambo" knives. The Bowie I found only useful as a wedge for splitting wood, the same goes for the Rambo Knife...