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  1. Jodie

    Fire pistons and Make: magazine podcast

    I have recently discovered that Make: magazine (American) also has related podcasts and I expect that some folk on here will enjoy them! Make magazine provides instructions and suggestions for workshop projects completed at home by enthusiasts and they also have a regular 'Makerfaire' meeting...
  2. Jodie

    Richard Mabey (and others) talk at V&A

    There's a talk that might be of interest coming up in the Autumn, at the V&A. It's called "Inspired by nature: the art of botany" and is about the way in which plants have inspired art and culture - ie it's not bushcraft but might be of general interest. The talk, really a debate, is part of...
  3. Jodie

    [London] Ethnobotany event at Kew

    The Social Life of Plants - ethnobotany open day Kew Gardens, Saturday 7 March 2009 The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is hosting an open day to showcase current research and practice in ethnobotany. There will be about 20 displays on topics including wild foods and medicines in the British...
  4. Jodie

    OT Women

    Heh... I think what you might have done there is extrapolate from a few instances to an entire group. Why do all men do this I wonder ;) :D
  5. Jodie

    hunters moon :)
  6. Jodie

    BBC One looking for 9 TV participants for wildlife / nature prog

    Heh, going through emails (have been away) and found this from a few days ago This one's for the ladies... ;) This sounds like a bad idea to me :D Are You The Female Bear Grylls?: North One Television North One Television ( are pitching documentaries to...
  7. Jodie

    BBC One looking for 9 TV participants for wildlife / nature prog

    This was sent to me today via a mailing list I'm on... thought someone might be interested. Do you think you have what it takes to make the next Planet Earth? BBC One is looking for nine people to take part in the experience of a lifetime. Encountering extraordinary animals in amazing...
  8. Jodie

    Isn't Autumn Beautiful?

    Yesterday was just gorgeous wasn't it! Lovely shots Red :) I and a few friends went to Wakehurst Place (Kew's "country garden") and had what was probably quite a 'short' walk (but we took ages over it) around the woodland and gardens, ooohing and aaahing over every new thing we came...
  9. Jodie

    Chris Bax on Countryfile - BBC1

    Obviously by the time I've started typing this the segment has ended, but it involved collecting hawthorn berries and some other berries, various mushrooms and whatnot in a woodland and hedgerow, with one of the presenters from Countryfile. As far as I'm aware this programme is often available...
  10. Jodie

    RM on Lbc 97.3 FM in the next 10-15 minutes

    It's possible to listen again, but only if you're prepared to sign up with name and phone number and all that nonsense :) Personally I'm against unnecessary form filling so shan't sign up, but here's the link for those with more patience...
  11. Jodie

    [Kew CD-ROM] Poisonous Plants and Fungi in Britain and Ireland

    Kew Books have knocked a few quid off their 2002 CD-ROM on poisonous plants and it's now £15.99 if bought directly from their website, at There's a review from someone working in an emergency department (they comment that it's more of a...
  12. Jodie

    Ray Mears ''Tracks'' info wanted

    Ah that'll be it. I rather suspect that I was 'simply confused' :lmao:
  13. Jodie

    Ray Mears ''Tracks'' info wanted

    Well I can't for the life of me work out how I worked out, so to speak, the cunning calculations that led me to realise that the BBC would be out of pocket if we all wrote to them so I will withdraw my ignorant maths for now. However 'Walkabout' got comfortably over 2 million viewers and...
  14. Jodie

    Ray Mears ''Tracks'' info wanted

    Haha no, I seem to remember I actually calculated something more like £3,000 so I'm not sure where I plucked (well, mis-plucked £2,000) from. It was a while ago and was based on a teeny percentage of the sizeable (millions) chunk of viewers they got for Wild Food. Mind you, that's only if you...
  15. Jodie

    Washing Rowan Berries

    That's a cool thing to have learned! The only alternative - actually a bit unworkable - that I could think of would be to tip them out onto the floor at speed so that the round things would roll further than the non-round things and thus separate themselves. But then you'd have to go and...
  16. Jodie

    Ray Mears ''Tracks'' info wanted

    Goodness you're right - my maths was much better in the old days ;-) I am trying to work out what I meant there haha!! I remember working it out before based on some back-of-an-envelope calculations. Clearly my envelopes are failing me. Though I'd rather the BBC didn't spend even twenty...
  17. Jodie

    Ray Mears ''Tracks'' info wanted

    I wonder why the incidental music is a particular problem... after all the BBC use such music in many programmes and as far as I understand there's a mechanism in place whereby a payment is made for each piece used. I might be wrong of course! Having seen Ray's programmes 'live' on the TV...
  18. Jodie

    "Eat the Change" - a week of eating a bit funny ;-)

    More out of curiosity than ideology I've let myself be persuaded, quite cheerfully as it happens, into something called "Eat The Change" which involves giving plastic packaging a swerve and trying to hoover up local / organic produce. It is something that is happening within the two weeks...
  19. Jodie

    Do you shop "nature-friendly" ?

    I try... a bit :) I'm taking part in this "Eat the change" next week, largely because a friend invited me rather than from any particular enthusiasm for the ideology. This will involve me avoiding plastic where possible (for me, this is not easy!) and again, where possible, buying only...
  20. Jodie

    Herbaria@home / Herbarium@home

    Herbaria@home (herbarium at home) is a venture from the Manchester Herbarium (I think) which allows computer users to contribute to the digitisation process of the million or so herbarium specimens in their collection and the collections of other UK herbaria (eg Birmingham and Aberystwyth -...