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  1. Scots_Charles_River

    Funghi ID

    Nice layout here.
  2. Scots_Charles_River

    Karrimor jetboil ??

    Out assessing a gold dofe group just now. Tbey have karrimor branded jetboils. Cant find them onlibe ??
  3. Scots_Charles_River

    Cold and calm Canoe on Loch Ard.
  4. Scots_Charles_River

    Cleaning a Stainless Mora blade ??

    My Mora Stainless has some spots on it and tar residue. I used it to pick off pine resin etc and never cleaned it last use, I know I know. Meths, paraffin, isopropyl alcohol ?? Ta Today, using it.
  5. Scots_Charles_River

    Buschcanoe trip Looks like a great trip.
  6. Scots_Charles_River


    24degs on Thursday the chill n cold today. Been a range of weather out on expedition. Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
  7. Scots_Charles_River


    So used our Tentipi fist time on expedition with midges. Groundsheet used, no midges. Kids enjoyed midge free cooking on trangias and opening the cap vented the tent and one bottom vent open to. Recommended . Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
  8. Scots_Charles_River

    Canoeing the River Forth

    A very short gopro of canoeing the Forth, from Stirling up river. Filmed a few weeks back. The guidebook says 'a glorified ditch', so clearly the author has not paddled it.
  9. Scots_Charles_River

    Barry Davies sas Arctic survival book

    Just finished reading this, got it for 1p. Second hand. Well worth a read with some interesting techniques and well illustrated.
  10. Scots_Charles_River

    Stainless woodgas stove

    Christened lixada woodgas stove. Stainless steel. Little or no smoke, amazing bit of kit. :rolleyes:
  11. Scots_Charles_River

    Camping ban plot thickens
  12. Scots_Charles_River

    Swedish fire candle gadget Interesting gadget.
  13. Scots_Charles_River

    london hotel advice please

    I'm treating a 14yr old to a train trip down to London, and stay two nights in London. Focus is visitig Chelsea Stadium. Then Pall Mall Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing st etc. So any Hotel tips ? Only B&B needed. No pools etc required. Ideally 1 tube station or short walk from Chlesea stadium. Ta
  14. Scots_Charles_River

    snugpaxk sleeping bag advice, Anyone got these ? Lost my precious Nanok endurance bag, yes I know, I know.
  15. Scots_Charles_River

    Landed in my garden ! Out hanging washing and this landed. I live 1 mile from an estuary. First pics in this link ? Im thinking crab ?
  16. Scots_Charles_River

    karrimor drybags sale
  17. Scots_Charles_River

    Very big discount on Trekmates flameless heaters
  18. Scots_Charles_River

    Deciduous Tree ID please Was out canoeing on Loch Lomond today. Whilst Wallaby and Osprey spotting, we saw this 50ft tree. Amazing hand palm sized pink flowers. It had a Eucalyptus type shape and structure. ID ?
  19. Scots_Charles_River

    Gareloch canoe and flatbread on the bbq

    Fog burnt off the Clyde Gareloch on Sunday at lunch, so an easy paddle and Easter egg snack was had. Then some flatbread cooked on the BBQ.
  20. Scots_Charles_River

    Expedition skills on Loch Ard

    Was out yesterday canoeing, had a Duke of Edinburgh group out practicing and leaarning expedition skills. Bit windy but ideal for practicing that skill, tandems, so easy enough. Main skills were cooking, as they have to cook for three days. Lots learnt regarding use of the trangias - with gas...