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    Fixing rawhide to mallet

    would it be possible to "Lace" it first then shrink to fit.? Alex.
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    For Sale Swotty's big clear out! Pt2

    May I have the Hultafors carpenters axe please. Alex.
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    For Sale Swotty's big clear out! Pt 1

    May I have the Karrimor SF please. Alex.
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    Bilmo canvas supplier?

    From memory I believe it's Tencate, and KS202 rings a bell. Quick search and I find he mentions 280 gsm weight. Esvo campshop online lists lots of Tencate or PointNorth in UK lists suitable alternatives. update--> exact...
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    Portable Solar Panels: any experts here?

    I bought my wife a RavPower [RP-PC005] 24watt 3-usb socket charger for £48 April 2017 (just looked and now £60). It's used to charge a power cell that is then used to charge wife's phone, or directly if staying put. She thinks it's great. No issues apart from too many other Scout leaders...
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    An Ancient Artifact

    Just re checked OP's earlier posts and it was sneaky to state 36 holes when their are 39. Alex.
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    For Sale Norse proverb patches

    Yes please for me as well. Any other designs ?. Alex
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    For Sale LAST BIT - Orange Victorinox Farmer BNIB - Final Price Drops

    Received my knife, all's good. Thank you Alex.
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    Unsweaty socks

    Choices I have are to buy Wool rich socks when on offer or wear cotton socks ( not white ) with sandals. Not a cool look but cool feet. Obviously if your needs are not compatible with sandals , then perhaps change socks at lunchtime. Alex.
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    Sold Lots for sale! PRICE DROPS

    May I have the "Victorinox Huntsman Plus " please. Message on way. Alex.
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    DofE 3 man tent recommendation

    I recently bought a Vango Ostro 300 for £150. A friend has had one for over a year and took it all over the place. Not a current model but still available from Ebay or others. Weighs 3780 grams & fits 3 adults. Wife is liking it more that the Hoolie-3-ETC that she usually uses for Scouting...
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    Sold River Cottage Handbooks 1 - 10 - Sold

    Arrived this morning in excellent condition. Happy wife indeed. Alex.
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    Sold River Cottage Handbooks 1 - 10 - Sold

    Yes please. Alex. I'll start a conversation.
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    For Sale fire steels

    Mine arrived this morning as promised, all good. Alex.
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    For Sale fire steels

    May I have three, numbers 1 + 7 + 8 please. If you would "conversation" details , I'll send payment. Thanks. Alex.
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    Primus Stoves

    Back in the day (80's) we always did a spring clean over Winter. Patching the Vangos, mess tents, making new pegs/mallets and other maintenance. Each troupe to take one or two each. Research on how to dis-assemble and clean / refurbish. At the end of couple of weeks you'd have a smattering of...
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    Sold 2 x Pole-A-Bear DAC Poles for tarp, etc.

    Yes please , "conversation" inbound Alex.
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    Sold Overboard Rucksack & MTP First Aid Pouch (new)

    I would like to be second in line after Stood. Alex.
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    For Sale Waxed canvas drawstring backpack

    Yes please, if still available. 'Presents' list getting shorter. Alex. PM on its way.
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    Nitecore P12GT torch like new, with extras and 3400 battery. LAST PRICE DROP.

    All received in as new condition. Thank you for selling. Alex.