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  1. Scots_Charles_River

    Funghi ID

    Nice layout here.
  2. Scots_Charles_River

    Karrimor jetboil ??

    Yip. Well spotted. Looks tbe same colours etc. Thought it may have been much cheaper.
  3. Scots_Charles_River

    Karrimor jetboil ??

    Out assessing a gold dofe group just now. Tbey have karrimor branded jetboils. Cant find them onlibe ??
  4. Scots_Charles_River

    When is it ok to buy cheap?

    I have two Karrimor rucksacks and both were cheap and perform really well.
  5. Scots_Charles_River

    Some "cheap" pics from this week

    Arisaig and Loch Mortar.
  6. Scots_Charles_River

    Give me your fiction book recommendations

    Try an Assassins Creed book. They span from De Vinci thru to 1700s. I have never played the actual computer game but enjoy the books.
  7. Scots_Charles_River

    Which bag/pouch for Swedish Army Trangia Cooker?

    The british army issue gas mask bag fits it. It has a shoulder strap and space for brew kit. Online you can get them unused for a fiver.
  8. Scots_Charles_River

    Tipi bug resistance

    We use them for group social areas on expeditions to avoid midges. So they do work ! We use the TENTIPI Varrie 7 polycotton. Ground sheet fits not tightly but keeps midges out. They warm up quickly in sun so having the lower vents opens and a bit of roof vent open helps.
  9. Scots_Charles_River

    Bivi bag recommendation please

    Just add a layer of net curtain fabric. Duelm mills do it for a few pounds. Sent from my F3311 using Tapatalk
  10. Scots_Charles_River

    Small Daypack suggestions?

    I have one of these for similar uses and biking etc. Very cheap and lasted well - no issues - over a year now.
  11. Scots_Charles_River

    Bivi bag recommendation please

    Here's one for swaps.
  12. Scots_Charles_River

    Bivi bag recommendation please
  13. Scots_Charles_River

    Chinese Scaffold Lashing

    In Scouts, we did these type of Japanese lashings.
  14. Scots_Charles_River

    What sleeping bags do you own?

    In date order bought: Vango Synthetic Marco Polo 350 -10 rated bought 91. Still good nick. Just rather large when packed. KYHAM VSS Ultralite, summer bags and bivi bag. NANOK Endurance -10 rated 2009
  15. Scots_Charles_River

    Quechua X-Light 2 down jacket and lidaxa hammock

    Saw that jacket and Decathlon branded kit tends to be good and durable.
  16. Scots_Charles_River

    Duke of Edinburgh Awards - rucksack advice

    I run Walking, Canoeing and Biking expeditions at work and we have a range of kit. Bronze through to Gold. Vango 65+ are the best. However, they may not need that size if they are clever about packing on the outside and bottom. Some Bronze young people have bought their own for now and after...
  17. Scots_Charles_River

    Cleaning a Stainless Mora blade ??

    I have a tormek: wetstone, leather profile wheel and jigs (jigs are for chisels and plane blades though). Problem is getting the knife into school.
  18. Scots_Charles_River

    Cleaning a Stainless Mora blade ??

    Excellent, thanks.
  19. Scots_Charles_River

    Cold and calm Canoe on Loch Ard.
  20. Scots_Charles_River

    Cleaning a Stainless Mora blade ??

    My Mora Stainless has some spots on it and tar residue. I used it to pick off pine resin etc and never cleaned it last use, I know I know. Meths, paraffin, isopropyl alcohol ?? Ta Today, using it.