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  1. Neil1


    Great work , as always Mark. Also a project I had been meaning to do for a while.
  2. Neil1

    Bushcraft with Kids

    I know many folks on here have families and with the summer holiday period looming, I have started a small series of videos aimed at parents wanting to do bushcraft with their kids. The gear I have kept minimal and the projects simple. I hope they will give you a few ideas and a few pointers. Enjoy.
  3. Neil1

    #5 - Food

    Here is the last of my "Starting Bushcraft" series and this one is all about food!! I have kept it nice & simple (as with the other videos) and hopefully folks will find a lot of useful information in this short video. Enjoy.
  4. Neil1

    What's new in the barefoot shoe world?

    I use Vivo, and have for a few years, but as said they are damned expensive to replace if you use a everyday wear. I Have started kicking around in a set of Converse style "pumps", a boot version made by Dunlop. They aren't bad and are fairly common place footwear, so don't look out of place...
  5. Neil1

    Thankyou Greencraft !

    Thanks Jon, you are a gent. I hope your plans are coming together. Atb Neil
  6. Neil1

    Group Cooking Set-Up

    With the Bushmoot fast approaching and more folks likely to take family camping in the woods, I thought Iwould do a video on the set-up I use to manage several pans over the fire. I hope you find it useful. Atb Neil
  7. Neil1

    Recipe....Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit Cordial

    This is a recipe I have used for years. Its very simple and absolutely delicious. Enjoy
  8. Neil1

    For Sale Rob Evans bushtool

    Just too nice to sell......
  9. Neil1

    LK 35 ...DIY Upgrade

    I know the venerable LK35 is a popular choice of pack for many here. I have been using one for many years and had made several changes to my original pack. My latest change was not to the pack, instead I have turned my attention to the frame... I hope some find this useful...
  10. Neil1

    Make someone happy.....

    These are great guys, thank you from whoever was lucky enough to find them..
  11. Neil1

    Make someone happy.....

    A massive thank you to Kepis & Wander for taking the time to do this. Would'nt it be great if we could get more people to do this one, selfless thing? It only takes the time it takes to make & drink a brew to do this.... yet have a massive impact on the person who finds it (perhaps leading them...
  12. Neil1

    Make someone happy.....

  13. Neil1

    Make someone happy.....

    That is great Mark, beautiful work as always....
  14. Neil1

    Make someone happy.....

    Thanks my friend. The badge is my logo (Greencraft) - I designed it many years ago.
  15. Neil1

    Make someone happy.....

    You have the skills, watch the video all the way to the end, head to the woods, make it, leave it.....make someone happy! Atb Neil
  16. Neil1

    Going Lighter....

    Some excellent suggestions. I like the rediscovering vintage brands/gear idea. The old frame packs , if adjusted correctly, were really good kit and very lightweight in many ways.
  17. Neil1

    Going Lighter....

    One of the members here messaged me and reminded me I hadn't put it up here. Perhaps its because I'm getting older, but I seem to want to carry a lot less nowadays. I'm no Thru-hiker, nor can I afford to replace everything with Titanium & sil-nylon, but I did find a few simple ways to shed a few...
  18. Neil1

    DIY Poncho Liner Project

    I know a few people at the Moots a few years back asked me about my underblanket set-up. Well its evolved a little and I have turned it into a little project that most with a little sewing experience could tackle. Here is the video... Enjoy. Neil
  19. Neil1

    PLCE Bergan mods?

    Have a go at doing it one was a long back too. Here is my video:
  20. Neil1

    A Cup of Tea in the Woods...

    I thought there may be a few who aren't as lucky as me, and are stuck in an office (or worse!!), so thought I would do you all a little treat so you could enjoy it virtually! Off to build a quinzee today!