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  1. Dunx

    Sanitary towels as wound dressings

    Personally use whatevers clean and to hand. Although duct tape wouldnt be my choice for long
  2. Dunx

    Article: Pathfinder cookset

    Now that would be a cracking bit of kit. Do like the crusader mug, want a steel canteen to go with it
  3. Dunx

    Wax cotton canvas coats

    Always fancied a full length waxed riding/stockmans coat. Not sure why ive not gotten one before. Possibly as ive wanted dark brown as opposed to the green i seem to see them in lol
  4. Dunx

    Sporran Pouches

    Excellent quality items. Love mine.. And a good price for a great product
  5. Dunx

    pathfinder school canteen set

    Damn... To slow :(
  6. Dunx

    Hunter Gatherer challenge with Wilderness Survival skills

    Sounds like a great experience. Would love to do something like that one day, need the skill set first though. Will have to look for your previous report and look forward to reading this one
  7. Dunx


    Ahhhs screw it. If its still available ill have the knife. Pm your details
  8. Dunx


    Oh i want it. But i cant justify another knife at the moment. Looks good.
  9. Dunx

    Welsh coast

    Nice pic :)
  10. Dunx

    Folding candle lantern and Prismatic compass

    Still interested in the compass
  11. Dunx

    More Quality Bushcraft Items for sale...

    Who made the bayley knife copy?
  12. Dunx

    or trade Scotcheyed auger. leather working tools. mora crook knife

    Crook knife please Can you pm me details for paypal etc
  13. Dunx

    Hey folks

    Welcome to the forum
  14. Dunx

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Yep no one wants a chopping board it seems......
  15. Dunx

    Bushclass usa

    Looks good
  16. Dunx

    Canvas Bedroll

    Pm on its way
  17. Dunx

    Tarp size question.......

    Thanks for the replies Would largely be walk in with it. As the above says weight and bulk come into it due to the material. I believe the pathfinder (dave canterbury) tarp is fractionally smaller than 2.5, but thats not the uk so different conditions. I have tried a basha and find...
  18. Dunx

    Full membership - to buy or not to buy?

    Ahhh the radishing initiation.... Although im suprised how many carried on with it afterwards.........
  19. Dunx

    Tarp size question.......

    Looking for peoples experiences and opinions. Im currently after a canvas tarp but cant decide on the size, ie a 2.5m square or a 3m square. It would pretty much be used for ground dwelling, possibly an occasional hammock setup (although not essential as theres always the dd for that). I know...
  20. Dunx

    Bilmo Bushgear canvas bedroll!

    Funnily enough i was thinking of asking bilmo about making one after i keep eyeing up wynnchesters. Nice review and nice work bilmo.