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  1. paulnb57

    Home made Thorn proof dressing?

    The Lone Woodman makes Tin Cloth Pratts Greenhouse tries the above
  2. paulnb57

    Bilmo canvas supplier?

    Thanks @slimshady Pretty sure this is it....... and a link to all the colours...
  3. paulnb57

    Can I preserve a Rabbit Skull somehow?

    Thanks for all the replies Its old and clean inside and out. One of the teeth fell out on the way home! The bone on top of the nostrills is quite fragile...... Might give the clear resin a go....
  4. paulnb57

    Can I preserve a Rabbit Skull somehow?

    @Fadcode don't give up your day job!
  5. paulnb57

    Bilmo canvas supplier?

    I have one of Bilmo's excellent canvas tarps, in the red colour, can anyone help with a supplier of this exact fabric please, I know Bilmo hasn't been around on here for a while, I messaged him over a year ago with the same question, no replies, so I guess he has dropped out of the forum......
  6. paulnb57

    Can I preserve a Rabbit Skull somehow?

    We took the grandkids to our bit of woodland for the first time and they loved exploring, the oldest who is 5 was delighted to find a Rabbit skull, which we brought home, however it is quite there any way I could preserve it so he could take it to school to share with class?
  7. paulnb57

    Anyone have access to any flint for knapping?

    Im on the Isle of Wight, 5mins walk from the beach ........Lots of flint, but I bet it would cost a bomb to post, what sort of size stones would you be looking for? I have no idea what to look for in a stone!....
  8. paulnb57

    Made another Toddy bush shirt!

    Made another bush shirt form the Toddy pass around pattern, this time from waxed cotton, that is twice the thickness of your usual Barbour type coat. I wanted something shower and thorn proof for when out and about in our woodland, turned out really well, considering I modified it with a zip in...
  9. paulnb57

    Van options?

    We have just traded our car for a new Courier Tourneo, (1litre turbo petrol as we do low mileage) quite impressed with it, roomy enough to just sleep in if necessary and two rows of seats when required, in camping mode we can remove the second row, by pulling a couple of pins and leave the back...
  10. paulnb57

    Waxed Canvas Project Bag

    Nice work! We have a Swedish (?) military shoulder bag each, which I waxed with Barbour Thornproof dressing for reproofing coats, worked very well, also waxed a baseball cap!.......
  11. paulnb57

    Filson shirt XL

  12. paulnb57

    Filson shirt XL

    Now Sold Filson shirt XL size in brushed cotton/moleskin type fabric, I bought this ages ago on here and it is just a bit too short in the body... Sizes so you can compare with a shirt you already own! Pit to pit 27inches Neck 18inches Collar seam to bottom of back 32inches Sleeve...
  13. paulnb57

    SOT kayak for a 6 foot 18 stone bloke?

    Im similar size to you and have an Ocean Kayak Sidekick which suits me fine, my other half has and Ocen Kayak Frenzy which is smaller but is also OK for me although I get terrible pain in my hip joints in the Frenzy, it must be the height relationship between feet and try before you...
  14. paulnb57

    Little project and some help wanted

    Why not buy the tap and tap the thread direct into the wood, you could soak the newly cut threads with superglue to strengthen them, although they will be under no strain......
  15. paulnb57

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Canoe knife never arrived from Copper_head, messaged two days ago, no reply........mmmmmm, hopefully a glitch.......
  16. paulnb57

    20k post competition

    1. Wetneck 47.11 miles 2.John Fenna 4.75 miles 3. Ammo 42 miles, as the crow flies. 4. Crosslandkelly 71.8 miles. Good comp Steve. 5.Leshy 12.4 miles (12.4 M=20Km) 6. Gabe 33.3miles 7. Bilmo, 500yds 8.ESL Jake 82 miles 9.mikehill 60 miles 10. SiWhite - 95 miles... 11. Alreetmiowdmuka - 100...
  17. paulnb57

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    You are right right woodstock regarding timing of replies on here, however Leaky got in first with a pm...... Nowthen, both items are sitting gathering dust, or at least cluttering drawers, this is a great forum and has looked after me in the past, so I am happy to let each of you have the item...
  18. paulnb57

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Checked my pm's Leaky got in first for the Zippo Then I asked for the Bag, next thing offered...... Then I'm re-offering the Garmin, if the bag happens, with first dibs to Woodstock as he has already asked for that allowed?
  19. paulnb57

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    If the bag happens, I'll re offer the Garmin, Woodstock has first dibs......
  20. paulnb57

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    I'll take the bag please......