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  1. Anzia

    Pi££ Poor Preperation

    Thank you to you and your teammates, Nigel. What you do is fantastic
  2. Anzia

    The Homestead month by month

    Excellent, thank you! I'm away on hols with restricted data so have added to my watch later. Looking forward to it!
  3. Anzia

    A Challenge A bit of backyard bushcraft....

    What a fantastic time! Also a good reminder for me that I don't have to "go somewhere else" to enjoy this sort of thing, so thank you. Best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery post-op.
  4. Anzia

    Paul Kirtleys Webinar on 10 plants for bushcraft

    I'm about to watch the recording. His videos and webinars are always so informative and well done - a great resource!
  5. Anzia

    Bushcrafty Plans for 2019

    I'm going to be out at least one night a month this year, brush up on tree and plant ID, and do more foraging. Hoping everyone has a good year for bushcraft and you all achieve your goals!
  6. Anzia

    Best Cure for A Broken Heart?

    Speaking as the person who was on the receiving end of being fallen out of love with (still with me? lol) if you know the feeling is gone, end things soon. If you drag your feet about it, your feelings will 'leak' and things will get miserable for both of you. And it could go on for years with...
  7. Anzia

    Best Cure for A Broken Heart?

    Really sorry TeeDee, and I hope you heal from this quicker than you're expecting. You're definitely not alone as you can see from this thread. My partner of 16 years just walked out, no notice, before Christmas last year to be with someone I later found out he'd been seeing behind my back for 3...
  8. Anzia

    Knots 3D free today (18/03/15) in Amazon app store

    The Knots 3D app is free today (18/03/15) in the Amazon app store - usually £1.09 I think. It's a well-designed app with animations for loads of knots.
  9. Anzia

    Two Firsts in one Kuksa

    This is stunning. Really nice.
  10. Anzia

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2015 brings lots of bushcrafty time, good health and fun!
  11. Anzia

    Watching the stars

    Sounds great. Very peaceful!
  12. Anzia

    Happy Birthday Squishy.

    Happy birthday! :)
  13. Anzia

    First hand drill fire

  14. Anzia

    A message from JoeJoe's wife

    Good wishes for a full and quick recovery to JoeJoe.
  15. Anzia

    A million years BC

    Really interesting, thanks Dave.
  16. Anzia

    Wish me luck?

    Hope you have a smooth recovery and it's all worked well.
  17. Anzia

    Twodogs wool bush shirt made to order ...

    I've just received my Twodogs bush shirt and it's really, really good. Very sturdy, well made, warm and the pocket system is brilliant. If anyone is on the fence about getting one, do it! You won't regret it.
  18. Anzia

    Gluten Free (Possibly Vegetarian) Pizza

    You're welcome :)
  19. Anzia

    Gluten Free (Possibly Vegetarian) Pizza

    Mary - my friend makes us gluten, egg and dairy free pizza for dinner quite a lot (she's paleo, so low carb, and I'm vegan, so no eggs/dairy). I don't know where she got the recipe from so can't credit the original cook, but it's delicious especially when topped with roasted veg! I use onion...
  20. Anzia

    Elvaston Castle Woodland Festival - Derbyshire

    I'm going to try to get there on the Sunday, if sufficiently recovered from my friend's hen do the night before :D Sounds like it will be a good event. Thanks for posting about it, addo.