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  1. Northsky

    Ultra lightweight alcohol stove

    Have you had a look at the White Box stove, I've one its small very light, cannot remember wieght, and really powerfull for its size. got mine from Backpackinglight.
  2. Northsky

    Daniel Boone challenge

    You mention a tinderbox, would it be OK if it is full of cottonwool doused with Vaseline?
  3. Northsky

    Daniel Boone challenge

    Am up for this, prob end of Feb early March, weeks holiday coming up.
  4. Northsky

    Bottled beer recommendations.

    Mallinsons Staduim Bitter, brewed in Huddersfield, well worth seeking out.
  5. Northsky

    Keeping your camp tidy

    Think about perhaps you didn't really use and do away with it, I guess what I'm saying is try to use less kit....less mess?
  6. Northsky

    Another overnight in my favorite woods!!!! Pics Heavy

    Nice place, how do you get on with the Pathfinder knife?
  7. Northsky

    sunny afternoon up the permission (pic heavy)

    Interesting grind on your Svord, did you do it yourself?
  8. Northsky

    Honey stove.

    Yep when its smoke blackened and a bit warped from heat it will be a sinch.
  9. Northsky

    North Dean Woods 1st March

    Went for a wander in North Dean Woods as the weather was good, their mid way between Halifax, Sowerby Bridge and Elland, owned by the Council set on a hillside. Have been used for Quarrying and there are flat areas that were for charcoal kilns in the past. usually quite during the week which...
  10. Northsky

    Mastino P2 Bushshirt

    If my names still on the list can you now remve it cheers.
  11. Northsky

    Dutch mug lids???

    Have made a lid for my Dutch Army mug from an old biscuit tin complete with riveted on handle. Also have Dutch Army water bottle, its supreme and no taste of plastic, but if yours does try soaking in bicarb solution, or a home brew steriliser.
  12. Northsky

    Swedish army trangia

    Have you tried making a simmer ring from the top of an empty beer can? I made one for mine a few years back and still going strong. Just drill holes round the edge till it burns right.
  13. Northsky

    Cooking Bannock In Dutch Oven

    You could use an Iron Skillet, turn it over when pan side is cooked.
  14. Northsky

    How many nights camping out in 2011?

    2 More nights in Hereford a couple of weeks ago total so far 5. Hope to get one out in the Peak District this week.
  15. Northsky

    How many nights camping out in 2011?

    3 nights Herefordshire 2 Hammock and as result 1 on the deck.
  16. Northsky

    Please look ath this.

    Yep should be working.
  17. Northsky

    Please look ath this.

    Yea having a spot of bother with the link.
  18. Northsky

    Please look ath this.

    Follow this link I hope to God it works.
  19. Northsky

    Does anyone have the Highlander Forces 55L rucksack?

    Bought a Highlander 44 earlier this year to replace a 22 year old berghaus, its really good both in filling and using. I'm 6 foot with a dodgy back and find comfortable, a worthy replacement for the old Berghaus.
  20. Northsky

    Night Sky

    brill illustration of how it realy just does not get fully dark at this time of year.