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  1. lucan

    GPS recommendations

    Not wishing to confuse things further, I've been using a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 solely as a GPS/Satnav, I removed everything off the Phone that i didn't want app wise so as to free up internal space, i put in a bigger memory card, ( for offline Maps ), removed the sim card, downloaded numerous...
  2. lucan

    Photo recovery sd card

    If you haven't already, Give Pandora Recovery a bash, It's mainly for recovering deleted Photo's n stuff, But it might be worth a try and it's Free
  3. lucan

    How long have you been Lost ?

    Yep, once or twice in my Teenage inexperienced days, Nothing major as i'm still here.
  4. lucan

    What did you buy today?

    Vango Tornado 150 off a mate and a Snowdonia 3 in 1 waterproof jacket fom a charity shop.:)
  5. lucan

    DIY Canvas & Leather pack (pic heavy!)

    Amazing packs Great work, Thanks for sharing :)
  6. lucan

    Coming to a wood near you...

    Not to my taste, Having said that, So long as they aren't damaging the health of the Trees i don't see a problem
  7. lucan


    I've found as i've got older i'm spending more time outdoors alone, I still spend time outdoors with family and friends walking and wild camping always have and always will, But i like wandering off to where its just me. I enjoy the tranquility which some Friends and Family really find it hard...
  8. lucan

    Friday night disco time!
  9. lucan

    Which .410?

    I use this old Chinese .22 under lever, like you say at that sort of range its pretty efficient at dispatching vermin and no damage if any to trees Apologies for the thread hijack:)
  10. lucan

    Flinders Ranges and St Marys / Wilpena Pound

    HI Tuscor , Great pictures, looks like a great trip, Ive always had a fascination with the Early Aussie Explorers. Hope to visit a friend who lives just outside Brisbane one day and do some Travelling with him. Thanks for sharing Lucan
  11. lucan

    What did you buy today?

    A Wynnster Scorpion 65+15 Rucksack from a local Charity Shop in great condition for a tenner. Well pleased with it
  12. lucan

    Combi Boiler Replacement- Recommendations?

    Why not go with another Valiant, But a newer model. We replaced our boiler last year from a Vokera to a Worcester, Try and steer clear of the larger national gas companies, The so called "biggest and best" wanted to charge us over 4 grand, Just for a boiler replacement, If you can work out what...
  13. lucan

    Ray Mears on Radio 4

    I caught it later on the bbc website, Quite enjoyed it, He seemed very relaxed talking about his private life, Never Knew he was in a helicopter crash though.
  14. lucan

    What have you learned since being on the forum?

    When someone is selling something, and you see it considerably cheaper elsewhere keep schtum, or risk being told/kicked off the forum.:rolleyes:
  15. lucan

    73 Best Survival Movies

    I'd like to add these to the list Rabbit proof Fence, Young, Mixed race Aboriginal Girls Run away back home, 1500 miles, from a re settlement home. based on true events. The Quiet Earth cult sci fi , made in 1985 , Scientists screw up and almost everyone dissapears. Tomorrow, When the war...
  16. lucan

    Bit windy

    It's been very windy here all day, They were expecting a big storm surge so they lowered the Tidal Barrier across the entrance to the River Hull, Didn't make a blind bit of difference. Hull's old town flooded , City centre also, From the Humber to Hull Royal Infirmary Flooded, roughly half a...
  17. lucan

    Looking to get a one man "solo" type tent.

    Have a look at a Coleman Bedrock 2, Great 2 man tent i have one can't fault it , Decent price too Out of stock :aargh4:
  18. lucan

    Outdoor Literature

    I recently Finished reading the Journals of John Mcdouall Stuart, as well as Burke and Wills, Charles Sturt and a few others about their explorations into the Australian interior, Some of the hardships they went through and mistakes they made make compelling reading Most can be found on the net...
  19. lucan

    Long back army bergen

    I have both Long and Short, I'm over 6 ft, To be fair i prefer the short back as it rides slightly higher ,so i can attach my tent to the bottom without it slapping my backside as i walk.
  20. lucan

    Ration packs.

    Marmite or Vegemite It's lovely on toast, I'm assuming that's what's in the tubes