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    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    Yes, well **** me. They will remain a myth for mee too. Skickat från min SM-G960F via Tapatalk
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    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    There is a small manufacturer in Sweden called Jörnkängan. They are actually more of a myth, but I thick it is possible to buy them. Better quality and lighter than Lundhags, Made in Sweden. But of course, even more expensive.
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    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    They are hand made welted shoes with replaceable soles. For this type of shoes/boots, not pricey at all. Rather cheap to be honest. I'm going to buy a pair next time I'm buying shoes. Skickat från min SM-G960F via Tapatalk
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    Unsuccessful search for lightweight simple high leather boots, close to trail shoes flexibility

    Belleville TR102
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    The String Vest revisited… Fishnet Mesh Underwear

    I always wear my synthetic brynje when out doing stuff. Often under my aclima warmwool hoodie or under a stiched Lama wool sweater that I got from Indiegogo. I think it's superb. Warm when I need warmth and pretty cool when I need cooling. And although it's synthetic it has not developed the...
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    need a boot upgrade, ideas?

    I have a pair of Hanwag Grünten. Great welted boots. No membrane that will start to leak. And really light 1590 grams. Can recommend
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    Winter footwear?

    I have muck boots medium hightt. Works great in cold weather. Also Viking are great and my wife swears by powerboots. From left, Viking, Muck boots, PowerBooks. By the way it's -27 C here now
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    Trousers (warmish)

    Maybe out of your budget but Klättermusen Gere is great for a bit colder weather. With a pair of long johns under I have been skiing in mine in -10 C.
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    Winter footwear?

    But beware of the sizing on Lemigo. In EU size 43, ordered Lemigo 45. Still to small.
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    Klättermusen Gere Pants

    The best pants I ever had. Byt in Swedish. Have no idea where to find them in UK
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    One layer leather boots (no membrane)

    Thank you for the tips on the rufflander boots. Looks like exactly what I'm looking for. Will check them out. Are there any other under the radar great British shoe brands that I also never heard of?
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    One layer leather boots (no membrane)

    Thanks, will look into altberg. But i actually prefer the Red Wing look. More old school built up boot without the thick padding that the Altbergs had around the ankles/calves. But red wing are too expensive. Are there any British high quality country boots that flies under the radar and...
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    One layer leather boots (no membrane)

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a pair of one layer leather boots for normal use, from walking the dog to hiking. I don't want a membrane because the never dry when they get wet and I tend to get wet in them anyway, even if it's dry outside. Anyone have any suggestions? I have seen some military boots...
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    Wool shirts for office wear

    I think there's some thin Wool shirts out there to be found. Mixed with poly out other synthetics. Check out brands like Rewoolution Super natural merino Icebreaker Mons Royale
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    Recommendation for trainers

    I would look at Altra. They have some trail running shoes that are great. With foot shaped toe box and zero drop on all models from small to maximum cushioning.
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    Too Much Trouser for Me!

    I like the Ventile jackets on that site. Thanks
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    Most hard wearing and Long lasting clothing you own ( and the shortest before thrown)

    Klättermusen Gere pants. Indestructible. Have made changes so they fit outside a pair of downhill boots. So I use them for everything. From summer hiking to winter downhill skiing. Not quite windproof but enough. Maybe not for the hottest days.
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    Cheapest, warmest, most waterproof mainstream jacket available?

    I would surf around for sales, there is always great prices to find if you're don't have a more specific requirement than that. have a lot of insulated jackets on sale all the time. This is their ski jackets
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    Fjallraven granit shirt & keb trousers

    Also mosquitos bite through the stretch panels. That's not nice in some parts of Sweden where I live. But I find it harder and harder to find decent polycotton pants without stretch panels. My go to pants right now are Klättermusen Gere, but they are a bit warm in mid summer and are not...
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    Ventile "SAS" style jacket

    I'm not that excited over the lower pockets. If you're carrying a backpack the waist belt will be over those pockets. The breast pockets are not very easy access with that construction. I would go with a Napoleon style side entry pocket with a zipper. And double layer in shoulders and elbows...