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  1. Mick w.

    New Knife wanted.

    I will, Bill. This computer (at work) won't let me on your site so I'll have to wait til I get home.
  2. Mick w.

    New Knife wanted.

    Sorry it's been a while since I got on here! Some good suggestions there, I like the look of the TBS folder - it wasn't available a few weeks ago, when I got my EKA (with it's too-flimsy blade!) HillBill, how much do you charge for your knives?
  3. Mick w.

    New Knife wanted.

  4. Mick w.

    New Knife wanted.

    Hi folks, my wife recently bought me an EKA Masur 88 knife, a folder. Whilst it's very nice, I have noticed that already the blade edge has a few dings in it; it is very thin but is advertised as being a 'rugged' knife and whilst I don't want rid of it for sentimental reasons, it isn't really up...
  5. Mick w.

    barefoot boots/shoes

    I'm a big fan of going proper barefoot, even when running on the moors. However, once the weather turns, and I need both a bit of insulation and grip, it'll be back into my trusty vivobarefoots! I have two pairs, one for running (neo trails) and one for walking (either just with the dogs, or all...
  6. Mick w.

    26,27 &28 July 2013, New Venue, between Otley and Ilkley in West Yorkshire

    'Doh!!! I had a drive along the lane but couldn't see anyone (didn't have access to that wee piccy/map at the time either!) and as I was on a tight schedule came away again, without having said "hello" - I drove as far along as Stead Hall Farm Cottages, but couldn't see any cars obviously parked...
  7. Mick w.

    Summer solstice

    Midsummer is lovely, but Yule does is my favourite!
  8. Mick w.

    Have you ever walked the lonesome hill.....

    I always get a buzz out of watching and listening to skylarks, as they disappear upward into the heavens. You can still hear them long after they've climbed so high, they've disappeared from view.
  9. Mick w.

    Have you ever walked the lonesome hill.....

    Sycamour, funny that you associate them with marshes; I live near the moors, and always get a kick out of hearing the first ones of the year up here - it's a definite sign that spring's just around the corner... although maybe not this year!
  10. Mick w.

    Galloway forest, Easter week.

    Watching this thread with interest, as I'm hoping to head up to Galloway about this time next month. By coincidence, I'm not far from Bradford here in Silsden! I don't have much of a plan other than wanting to see some wildlife (although I'll have my dog with me so that may not pan out) but I'm...
  11. Mick w.

    Question about spoons

    I got a good tip from somewhere (probably on this site!) about how to get a really smooth finish on the spoon bowl; if you sand it, then wet it so the fibres stand up or something, then sand it again, it goes really smooth and is comfy in the mouth.
  12. Mick w.

    My buzzard

    My wife used to visit a farm in the course of her job, where they had an old border collie tied up tight in a barn. it never got out, had all kinds of skin conditions and was generally badly treated. The RSPCA got involved, refused to allow it to be rehomed with someone who was used to having...
  13. Mick w.

    Lingo Differnces

    "Good to go" is a phrase that sticks in my mind from when I first started working with Americans frequently. It means all set, ready for the off kind of thing. Also, they are much more polite than us Brits.
  14. Mick w.

    Shortage of Bushcrafting sites?

    I've sent you a message. Sorry it's late, been away from the forum for a day or two.
  15. Mick w.

    Bushcraft Dogs.

    Has anyone on here had any dealings with the Cinnamon Trust? Basically they're a charity which helps the old and infirm to look after their pets so that they don't have to give them up - taking animals to the vet, lots of dog walking and so on. Anyone who misses walking with a dog but hasn't the...
  16. Mick w.

    Shortage of Bushcrafting sites?

    I work shifts so available not every weekend, but sometimes through the week instead. I'd be happy to help out with some of that kind of basic stuff. No particular woodland management skills but fit and healthy and willing to learn etc. If you need a hand, could you PM me and we can sort...
  17. Mick w.

    Looking to rent a holiday cottage in scotland

    dad's probably being inefficient by having to go to work to get the money to pay for said cottage. Slacker!
  18. Mick w.

    Shortage of Bushcrafting sites?

    I'm not far away - I was interested last time, but wimped out of one of the meets I think, due to work and high winds! What would be involved in the helping to run it?
  19. Mick w.

    Leeds Pub Meet?

    I'd be up for it - simple train ride into Leeds from sunny Silsden!
  20. Mick w.

    Pine Needle Tea...

    Cheers for all that! Well, looks like it's going to be a trial thing with scots pine at some point in the near future.