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    Woodland Custodianship

    Back to cold reality. Caught a snow flurry: Snow My largest spruce Tree My pine hill Pines
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    Are we buying more or less stuff?

    More on vitD3 in VitaminDWiki, interesting reading at these times.
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    That one can does not mean one should. :rolleyes: (Tonne mua ei sais asumaan haulikolla uhkaamallakaan!)
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    One of the basics of moisture control in cold or cool climates is that there should always be a slightly lower pressure inside compared to outside. Water vapour (gas!) goes towards lower partial pressure which in practice means from warm to cold. (In Dubai I remember slightly wondering when...
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    The air pressure inside a tornado can be about 100mbar lower than outside that means that when a house is right in the core there is a force of a ton for every sqm of wall and ceiling OUTWARDS. That soon adds up to something serious as part of the load is trying to lift up the whole house. As...
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    Word association game

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    USA Vs British Building Style

    In the core of a twister the air pressure can be surprisingly low, it is that low pressure that destroys most houses. Of course a lumber framed house can also just be blown over as they are usually not fastened to the foundation all that well and the weight of the house is not enough to keep it...
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    Word association game

    Garbage collection
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    Word association game

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    corona virus projects any one?

    Somehow that looks more like a wolf net than a fishing net. Nice work either way.
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    Word association game

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    Happy online miserable in physical world

    My visit yesterday to the local village and it's store was fairly positive, no grumby people actually. Looks like the usually stoic Finns needs a small disaster at least to be normal. ;)
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    Exercise in covid-19 lockdown

    Doing a kata tends to keep one not floating away. :) Have you ever tried doing a kata veery slowly Tai Chi - style and concentrate on doing the movements exactly right and with correct timing? Gives a change. Just remember to do a normal speed one at the end. We have one club that arranges...
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    Splitting ash to make hammer handles, advice needed...

    If somebody wants to read articles on what happens to wood at various processes the FPL Wood Handbook is one of the better ones. Whole book is online.
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    USA Vs British Building Style

    Timber frames tend to have some limitations in moist climates, termites are sometimes a concern. In Fennoscandia timber works well because the heating dries the walls. Denmark is just so and so. Basement and dry is really just a question of ground water levels and draining it away. Sometimes...
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    Gorse Infused Panna Cotta with a Gorse Citrus Sauce.

    I have no idea what it would taste like but I like the pics.
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    Word association game

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    Are people in the UK taking Covid19 seriously? If not, why not?

    Starting midnight today a large part of southern Finland is being partly isolated for 3 weeks from the rest of the country. Only "necessary" traffic allowed. It's a first in this part of the world. Kind of interesting to follow how it goes.
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    Wood gas stove.