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  1. Wander

    Happy online miserable in physical world

    My Tesco experience this morning was a good one - staff were efficient, polite and friendly. So were the shoppers. Everyone seemed to understand and have respect for each other. I thought Tesco were well organised (compared to a Sainsburys experience a few days previous). Ditto when out and...
  2. Wander

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 March Heat

    Leaf Skeleton...
  3. Wander

    Spring has sprung

    Reminds me of something I saw a couple of weeks ago whilst going for a walk across the Elmley marshes - a pair of marsh harriers flying and flirting with each other and then suddenly a peregrine cut like a scythe between them (well, it looked like it was between them from my angle) after something.
  4. Wander

    Spring has sprung

    It's official - Spring has started: I just heard a chiff chaff.
  5. Wander

    Cut logs for sitting on - request for primary school.

    I can't help directly because I don't live in the area, but have you tried contacting local timber yards, Forestry Commission, other felling services, etc? They may be happy to help.
  6. Wander

    Sold sold

    For people who like wearing them whilst in the...bush?
  7. Wander

    Your picture of the day...

    Two mugs and a fire. The only problem is that there should be three mugs - but he's in hospital seriously unwell. Fingers crossed there'll be three mugs again soon...
  8. Wander


    I have a pair of these - one in olive green and one in coyote tan...
  9. Wander

    Historic Footpaths

    Interesting article: Let's get out there and walk!
  10. Wander

    Wildlife pictures

    Hoot Hoot! I was out for a stroll today and, for no reason I can think, I happened to see owls. Not just the one, but three! A long eared owl: A short eared owl: And a (rather ****** off looking) little owl:
  11. Wander

    Day Out Twilight

    Yup, that's it. If you ever see someone sitting below the cliffs with a mug of tea and sarnie then feel free to come and say 'hello.' Yeah, that's about right. 'Down' is a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon word 'dun', meaning hill. The Downs (both North and South) are gently rolling hills, made of...
  12. Wander

    What is Tinder & What is Kindling?

    Isn't Tinder a gay dating app and Kindling an e-book thingy wotsit?
  13. Wander

    Day Out Twilight

    Thought I would set off for a twilight walk the other day. I took my bag and change of clothes to work with me, and when it came time to leave I popped into the toilets to change (it was quite liberating being at work in only my pants, even if it was for just a few moments) and then...
  14. Wander

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    My parcel from Bishop arrived today. I'm utterly blown away. The work that went into those bits is fantastic. I LOVE that flagon. Love it. Tell you what, I feel I've done so well out if it, I feel like I owe something. Bishop, tell me your favourite charity/cause and I'll stick a few quid in...
  15. Wander

    New trespass laws......

    I shall give any new trespass laws the same adherence and respect I give the current ones.
  16. Wander

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Okey dokey then. PM your name and address and I'll get it in the post to you.
  17. Wander

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Right then, thought I'd get this up sooner than later because I have a busy weekend. My offer...a Snugpak Sleeka Forces 35 rucksack. I've too many rucksacks and this one never gets used. Sitting in the shed it's worthless so I'd rather see it go to someone who will get a use out of it. So...
  18. Wander

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    PM incoming. I'll post something up over the weekend. I've been having a sort out and I know exactly what I'll be offering, it's just a matter of taking a couple of piccies.
  19. Wander

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    And I think, if I may, I'd like to take that lovely lot off you! Let me know it's still up for grabs and I'll PM details. Cracking offer.
  20. Wander

    BcUK Photograph of 2020 January Heat

    Blimey riley, that's a cracking image.