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    For Sale Ray Mears 25th Anniversary knife

    Ray Mears 25th Anniversary Knife. Blade forged by Julius Petterson. This one is No 062 of 250 made and comes complete with belt sheath and signed certificate. The box is original and the corners have slight bends due to being posted. The Knife has been run over some Waterstones and stropped. It...
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    Wanted Ribz

    Looking for a Ribz front pack if anyone is looking to move one on? Only really looking for the green colour. Cheers Louis
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    Sold Woodlore, Alan Wood/Ray Mears

    I have had this for a good few years, and it was my go to fixed blade but needs must and with a pair of 24 year old Land Rover 110's to support! It was purchased from BB in the dim and distant past. It has been used, sharpened and stropped. I do look after my kit, it is always protected with...
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    For Sale Various items

    Having a bit of a tidy out. Särmä TST L3 Loft Jacket £50 Now £45 delivered to a UK address SOLD Särmä TST Boonie Hat £20 Now £15 Delivered to a UK...
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    Sold Spyderco WolfSpyder

    SOLD This has been pocket carried for a while, but I seem to grab a small fixed blade instead of this, so it should go to someone who will use it! All the info can be found at the below web address I can't seem...
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    For Sale Arktis Side Pouches

    Pair of Arktis side pouches. Zips are compatable with PLCE, most of the excessive straps have been removed from the outside, along with the random pocket with nasty cord attached that was on the top of the top flap. Great bits of kit, flap and buckle closure instead of the standard zip with a...
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    For Sale Bergans Langevaan

    I have had this for a while, I just seem to always grab a different bag rather than this one, so it's time to move it on. The Langevaan is 11ltrs and weighs in at 840g so is a handy size and pretty lightweight too. The belt has an pouch on either side, these are attached with Velcro and are...
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    Any Dutch Members

    Hello, Just wondering if any Dutch members can assist, I was looking for some boots and happened to find this site I have emailed them to see if they ship to the UK but have not had a reply. Has anyone used them before? I can switch the website to English, but any email...
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    For Sale Bison Bushcraft Knife

    SOLD I have had this for a good few years and it has been used, but well looked after. From memory the wood is Yew, all the reat of the specs are over on the Bison Bushcraft site. The neck sheath is the original and comes with the fire steel loop, The steel has been well used but is still a nice...
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    For Sale Assorted items

    1. Crusader mug Mk2 Been used a couple of times, Just not the nostalgic attachment of my old steel mug. £15 including postage to the UK. B. MFH Operators cap. Elasticated, but quite large, 57-58cm is probably the smallest it will go to. It is in a nice Coyote brown colour. BNWOT £10.00...
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    For Sale Water Bottle Pouches

    I have for sale the following water bottle pouches. 1. A Blackhawk canteen pouch. It is in great condition, all clips and press studs operate as they should. It will take a US Canteen or an UK issue bottle. I am looking for £20 delivered within the UK b. An PLCE water bottle pouch in old...
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    For Sale Bilmo 3x3 tarp

    I have had this for a few years, not used it much, Its last use was nearly a year ago. It makes a lovely substantial feeling shelter. its 3x3 (or thereabouts) Looking for £80 delivered to a UK address No overseas postage Payment via paypal or bank transfer. Thanks for looking SOLD Louis
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    Wanted 10cm billy

    Looking for a 10cm billy, its going to be used, so not too worried if its sooty. Anyone got anything they are not using? Cheers Louis
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    For Sale 5.11 Tactical Shirt L (Large)

    5.11 Tactical Shirt, 100% cotton, very hard wearing, these have been worn but are all in great condition. All buttons are intact and they have masses of life left. there 2 in Olive Drab and 0 in Coyote. I am looking for £25 each including postage within the UK Feel free to ask any...
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    Sold Polar Pure

    Polar pure Water disinfectant. Purchased from a group buy on here many moons ago, been sat in a box ever since. there is some discolouration on the box from the iodine, but still plenty of crystals left in the bottle. Looking for SOLD delivered within the UK feel free to ask any questions Thanks...
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    Sold Fire Flash

    Boxed and unused Fire Flash form Ray Mears Bushcraft £13 Delivered to the UK No Overseas post. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking. Louis
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    For Sale Strops Sandals

    These have been sat in my cupboard for too long, purchased in South Africa a few years ago, with very little wear. Loads of grip left, chunky and grippy soles. No size markings on these but i take a 10 in boots and they are a good fit. £20 delivered to a UK address Paypal prefered...
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    Wanted Auscam canteen pouch

    NO LONGER REQUIRED Anyone have a Auscam canteen pouch they are not using, Looking for the version with the pocket on the outside and the combination of clips and belt loops on the rear. Ping me a message if you have one. Lou
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    For Sale 5.11 Shirt

    SOLD 5.11 Tactical shirt (model 72157) in size M Khaki in colour. It is in great condition. I am looking for £25 delivered to UK via Paypal or bank transfer. Thanks for looking Louis
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    Swanndri Mosgiel (M)

    Hi have to move on my Swanndri Mosgiel Its in the classic green and is one of the older New Zealand made ones. It is marked a size medium 96cm. There is no hood and the Swanndri logo on the pocket has been removed. No holes or pulls and years of life left in it yet. Ideal for those cold evenings...