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    Hi, my old Han Wag Trapper boots have finally come to the end of their working life - they've lasted 8 years and have been brilliant from day 1. So as Han Wag don't make this model anymore I'm looking at a selection of boots to replace them. My short list is: Han Wag Tera Tops Altberg...
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    motorbike for sale

    Yamaha XT660Z - 09 plate in White and Red. very low mileage 1100, garaged from new. Great ride, cheap insurance, good mpg and cheap servicing I've owned it since new but due to change in circumstances she has to go. £6000 new, only just run it offers around £3750 for quick sale...
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    Lundhag boots

    Can anyone help with the best place to buy Lundhag boots ? I'm aware of Penrith Survival and Bush wear. Tamarack dont seem to stock them any more. Ideally I'd like to try them for size before I buy regards Shaun
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    Hennessy expedition a - sym hammock

    used for 1 dry night only, mint condition, SPF NOW SOLD thanks for lookinfg regards Shaun
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    Coleman 2 burner duel fuel stove

    BRAND NEW but no BOX This was bought for a trip to Africa that didnt come off. Specs below COLEMAN 2 BURNER DUEL FUEL STOVE The perfect perfect partner on family or group camp whatever the weather. The UNLEADED 2-BURNER features 2 burners, large pan support area and effective...
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    Force Ten Assault tent

    selling a brand new, still in plastic, Force Ten Assault, 4 season tent. I cant copy and paste all the specs because I am pants with a computer but a quick google will give you all the info you need. I bought this for £280 for a trip that never came off. it has never been unpacked and is...
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    Materhorn boots

    I have a pair of size 9 UK Goretex Matterhorn boots for sale. Brand new in box with all labels attached, Silvermans wants £205 selling for £120 to include fees and postage. Also a brand new Swanni hooded bush shirt, labels still attached, size large, in green - £70 to include fees and...
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    Twizel pegs

    Does anyone know the best place to buy Twizel pegs ? They seem to be £1 each plus postage on the web and does anyone have any experience of them in use ? regards Shaun
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    Swanndri Bushshirt for sale

    I'm selling an olive green Swanndri hoooded bushshirt - size large. it's brand new with tags, never been worn. asking £85
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    Buffalo Superbag

    Hi Guys, does anyone own one and if so how do you rate them ? regards Shaun
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    Tickets to see Ray Mears

    I have 2 x tickets to see Ray Mears on Sat 31/10/09 at Venue Cymru,Llandudno. The face value of the tickets is £21.50 each. I'm asking **SOLD** Pending funds Shaun
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    Fjallraven forester and Swanni Ranger

    For sale 1x pair of Fjallraven Forester trousers in olive - size 50 (34") - £55 - SOLD to Shewie - many thanks - nice to put a face to the name 1 x Swanndri Ranger shirt in olive - size large - £50 - SOLD to Mad Dave - thank you both items are brand new (no tags) - never worn...
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    Barbour Cowen Commando Jacket

    As the title says I have green Cowen Commando jacket for sale. SOLD It has been reviewed here on the site with great comments. It's 6 months old and is in great condition. Size 44" Chest I'm asking £100 to include paypal fees and postage (mainland UK) Thanks for looking...
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    maxpedition gear

    I'm selling a brand new Maxpedition Sabercat and 10" x 4" pouch. The kit is brand new, never been opened or played with. It's the same set up as Dave Canterbury has in his you tube videos ( minus the knife ) The colour is Kharki but looks more green than brown, I feel that its a great...
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    matterhorn boots

    I have a pair of size 9 (UK) Matterhorn boots for sale / trade. They are brand new in the box with tags. Black leather, Goretex lined with a vibram sole. retail £140. I'm looking for a sabre 45 rucksac or a Bison bushcraft Shirt (large) or even a pair of size 9 bison bushcraft boots...
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    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy a Jetboil stove ? at the moment ebay seems to be the best but I thought I should ask here before buying one. regards Shaun
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    Heads up Swanni

    Just to let folks know that the Swanni store in NZ is holding a sale at the moment lots of discounts on all items I've used them before and was pleased with the prompt service and delivery - ( no other connections etc ) Shaun
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    Heads up Lidl

    Hi just thought I'd let you know that from Monday 19/5/08 Lidl are selling a tripod barbecue grill for £19.99. Basically an enamelled fire bowl, and a height adjustable grill ( suspended over a tripod ) regards Shaun
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    Swanndri Brixton Shirt

    Hi Guys , Do any of you know of a retailer in the UK that stocks the Brixton Bush Shirt. Its basically a bush shirt for kids. Regards Shaun
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    Coleman fuel

    Hi folks, Does anyone know the cheapest place to source Coleman fuel ? Best so far is £5.29 for 500 ml cheers Shaun