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  1. TinkyPete

    SAD NEWS for the community...Lucky Lee has unfortunately passed. RIP

    I have just seen from Funky Prepper. Sad News of Lee Bennett also known to many as Lucky Lee. Has had an accident in his workshop on Thursday 17th January, he was rushed to hospital and was on life support. Unfortunately on Friday he lost the fight. He was a great character and an excellent...
  2. TinkyPete

    Keep a FAK to hand and keep trained, just in never know

    On Tuesday, my 82 year old mum fell in the garden whilst weeding and badly cut her head. Luckily I was at home as I was preparing to go into work. A shout for help and I found my mum in the toilet holding a towel to her head saying she had banged her head. My 83 year old father can not stand the...
  3. TinkyPete

    new firesteel for a SAK

    I have backed something on Kickstarter one of several things I have backed. I thought some out here the forum might be interested in if it gets funded. It is a fire-steel (Ferro rod) which fits in the toothpick part of your Swiss Army Knife. Here is a link if anyone is interested...
  4. TinkyPete

    Bronze age settlement in Peterborough

    Just seen on BBC news a story about a bronze age settlement in Peterboroough containg 5 houses on stilts with a lot of new artifacts and they are learning about the life in that area at the time and going to have to rewrite some of the earlier thoughts about the Bronze age settlements in the...
  5. TinkyPete

    Cheap copies of Ferro rods that work :)

    I have recently purcahsed a couple of cheap ferro rods which are copies of more well known names. I thought people might be interested in them. the copy of the exotac do take the exotac spare rods so if you are not happy with the rod it comes with you can get a proper replacement rod from Hienne...
  6. TinkyPete

    Wilderness Gathering 2014

    Wilderness Gathering 2014 part 1 Sorry it has taken sooooo long to post this :) I travelled down to the event on the afternoon on Thursday. I was lucky and had a smooth run there, I was looking forward to the event seeing old friends and to meet new ones too, it was my 7th time I would...
  7. TinkyPete

    Folding Candle Lanterns?

    I like a lot of people on here have been looking at "old timer" kit and i have been looking at the lighting options. One of the things I have been looking at is the folding candle lantern which is made from tim/copper or metal with thin mica sheets in it. I have been trying to find any info on...
  8. TinkyPete

    Totally new fire product!!!

    I hope this is ok to post this here. As stated BushcraftUK is in no way responsible for this. Just seen this video please do feel in any pressure to back it unless you want to or just to wait till it comes out. BushcraftUK is in no way endorsing this product this is my own feelings, and...
  9. TinkyPete

    Tested - Ultra Campact Survival Kit

    First off I would like to say this is a great little product. Available off this very site from Polymath Products based out of Somerset. Here is a link to the product with various pictures of it. Firstly after placing my order it arrived within two days great delivery service especially...
  10. TinkyPete

    Alternative to a hot brews

    In my local Tesco I have found a few new drinks of the soft variety. one is by Robinsons called "squashed" they come in 3 flavours, they one i like from them is Apple & Blackcurrant. Another brand is called "Go Splash" and I am trying the orange flavour. Tesco have their own brand called "One...
  11. TinkyPete

    The Gathering 2013 the report :) So Far

    I am just back from the Wilderness Gathering 2013. This is a quick report and once I have got myself together a fuller report will be forthcoming, but it gives chance for others for post somewhere :) I arrived on Thursday the 15th at the start of my holiday, at the Gathering, and although not...
  12. TinkyPete

    Gathering 2013

    Hi ya guys and gals. I finally have a bit of time off for a couple of weeks and after spending so much time living in fields around the UK (though mainly on Salisbury plain) I am going to the gathering and living in a wood and field for a weekend. I know a few regulars should be there, but...
  13. TinkyPete

    Hot watre and melting snow all at the same time

    Just seen this YouTube video and looks like a good way to have a brew and melt snow at the same time. please comment and enjoy :) Video:
  14. TinkyPete

    Busy work time :)

    Hi ya all, Sorry I have been away from this forum and real life for the last couple of weeks but the army is keeping mr very busy at the minute and now it is not going to end for a while either. I have just finished one exercise to go straight onto another and then another after that. So guys...
  15. TinkyPete

    large camp knife

    I have many small and normal bushcraft knives but I am looking for a larger knife to try for several uses, and I would like to pick the brains of people who use the larger size of knife. Main uses for the knife: Chopping batoning larger wood (4" plus limbs) Camp chores dealing with all types...
  16. TinkyPete

    Mors Kochanski interview

    Here is a link to an Equip 2 Endure interview podcast with the Mighty Mors Kochanski, very interesting interview and what he says. it is almost an hour long so sit back and relax and listen to the master imparting his knowledge from sleep, clothing, knots, knives and living out in the woods and...
  17. TinkyPete

    Outdoor Show Excel

    I am going to the Outdoor Show at the London Excel on Saturday anyone else going?
  18. TinkyPete

    Article: Bergen Packing 101

    You can view the page at
  19. TinkyPete

    Heads up about Ali bottles for cookers

    Just a quick heads up I have found some Malvern Press 81 cider bottles both pear and apple at my local tesco. here is a link so you can see what the bottles look like. Slso looking forward to trying the contents out too, cost less...
  20. TinkyPete

    Alternative to a strobe

    Instead of paying out for an expensive strobe light in case you ever need assistance or help especially out in the wilds there is an cheaper and lighter option. You will need: 1 cylume/light stick. 1 piece of strong cord which is 1m. Firstly open cylume pack and take out the light stick...