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  1. TinkyPete

    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    :) It is quick and very effective I have used the gauze in training simulation and it works very well even on fake blood. I have had to use an Israeli bandage in real life when my mum fell and cut her head open with a large gash (lot of blood). When the ambulance crew arrived they were very...
  2. TinkyPete

    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    from talking to quite a few CMT, Medics, paramedics the Celox and quickclot and about the same since QuickClot sorted themselves out the stuff they use is basically the same in both. I personally use Celox as it is what we use for our medics at work use and they recommended it to me.
  3. TinkyPete

    Finnish gas mask bag

    :) Lots of us have and still use them. gone through about 3 of them in my time (fell in/out of love with a bit but always missed it and went back to buy another). Good bag and the lighter and less bulky you keep the kit in it the better (found that out the hard way)
  4. TinkyPete

    Berghaus Vulcan/Crusader

    The karrimor predator 80-130 ha a free floating lid and will also take a few pouches on the belt, the cheapest I have seen it, is HERE, may be another idea for you. I have had and got, Crusader, Vulcan, ROC and PLCE and other large (60+ litre) bergens and have been happy with them all but they...
  5. TinkyPete

    Berghaus Vulcan/Crusader

    I have spoken to a fair few people who have the virtus system for work reasons, They pretty much hate the whole system except the helmet, which I have. That has been a good bit of kit for a change. They say the pack is especially bad, it does fall to pieces and gets holes it in very easily, most...
  6. TinkyPete


    The grinding of the spines is a newer thing to satisfy the American market, the original 240 didn't and mine was bought in their first year of production. I had be batted around a lot and done a lot of bashing and chopping in it's time.
  7. TinkyPete


    From the above pictures the blades are similar in the length the 200 is lighter blade and with the slightly shorter handle it is close to the 240 but slightly different, just by adding a lanyard I would say no as the blade is lighter and the weight and length of the 240 can not be matched...
  8. TinkyPete


    Here are a couple of pictures of the Skrama collection. From top to bottom they are: Skrama 240 Skrama 200 Pukko 140 Pukko 110 Mini Skrama The bottom images to show the thickness and the fact the mini and 200 have spines which have been sharpened and will scrape wood or a ferro rod. I have...
  9. TinkyPete

    North Wood Farewell Meet 26 -28 June 2020

    #8 1. Woodspirits 26 - 28 2. BJJJ 26-28 TBC 3. Preper 26-28 TBC 4. Diamond Dave 26 - 28 5. Hodge 26 - 28 6. Spud 26 - 28 7. TinkyPete 26-28 at the minute will see if I can get more time off
  10. TinkyPete


    I have the 240, 200 and mini in the skrama range the pukkos I have the 110 and 140 I will post side by side photos soon of the lot of them
  11. TinkyPete

    Theresa Kampers new website - Tanning and Traditional Skills Courses and Leather Artefact Analysis

    I have done a masterclass on basic brain tanning and for what little time we had, a lot information and practical, but I learnt so much and the notes we were given had so much more reading to do. It was some of here thesis work. But in way that I understood it. I have tried to do 2 badgers and...
  12. TinkyPete


    Funny you should say that, my 200 arrived yesterday. It feels great in the hand and now has the Varusteleka makers mark and a sharpened spine. I have some wood from a few trees and shrubs I have had to prune so it will get a quick test on them later. The shorter blade is very comfortable out...
  13. TinkyPete

    Trying out bow drill woods

    Very nice indeed. I have tried many combos of the years and like to try and see what is available close to me or when I go away. I am not the best bow driller by any means due to injured and broken parts of my body which don't like the normal way of doing it, so I have to modify it a bit when...
  14. TinkyPete

    Rhubarb chutney

    My sister has been making load of jam and chutneys recently she made a rhubarb and ginger chutney and rhubarb and vanilla jam. People have said they taste great but I have to watch rhubarb cause it can blister my mouth if I am not careful.
  15. TinkyPete

    Lockdown garden camping.

    Chair and camp look brilliant
  16. TinkyPete


    I have quite a few of the Varusteleka knives, the Pukko 110 and 140, the large and mini Skarma and now a 200 on the way too. I have been very happy with mine it has handled ever job I I have put them through and for the cost value they are very hard to beat. I have held off getting a mora...
  17. TinkyPete

    Sold Mora Garberg stainless steel knife

    Thanks Barry, I will certainly be comparing it too a couple of my knives and do a report on it.
  18. TinkyPete

    Sold Mora Garberg stainless steel knife

    Thought I had to finally bite the bullet and try it out properly for myself, tried several friends out, but at the normal price was too much especially when compared the the finish products of Varusteleka, of which I have the full set of the hunter pukko and skarma (yep have the 20cm on the way ) :)
  19. TinkyPete

    Mechanix Gloves for hot work

    i really liked my mechanix gloves for my old work when I was teaching urban operations, but as a good heavy work glove they are not as robust, although the dexterity is good and fit close to the fingers, they are not made of the strongest materials, the better work gloves I have found are a pair...