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  1. Madriverrob

    Calling anyone in the North East!

    Hello and welcome from Whitby North Yorkshire . Not far from Middlesbrough / Teeside . Where are you located ?
  2. Madriverrob

    Day Out The Bleak Burbage Valley

    Thanks for sharing , I miss the dark peak up here on the coast .....
  3. Madriverrob

    Day Out Upsetting the locals

    Looks like a great trip out Plus one for the firebox Looking forward to your hammock report
  4. Madriverrob

    Hi from Cornwall

    Hello and welcome
  5. Madriverrob

    Paria Outdoor Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt Review

    Great review , thanks for taking the time
  6. Madriverrob

    Best Portablewood burning camping stoves ?

    Plus 1 for firebox , versatile and hard wearing
  7. Madriverrob

    Searching for North East group

    I don’t use Facebook either , that group I posts quite a lot on YouTube under same name . I think they used to meet at Brockwell Woods but don’t think they do anymore. They seem to like a shoot and a good scoop watch a view vids and see what you think .
  8. Madriverrob

    Newbee from Cambridge

  9. Madriverrob

    York Knife Huggin

    A great looking knife of exceptional finish , I really like your work , keep it up
  10. Madriverrob

    Isle of Lewis Invite

    What a great idea
  11. Madriverrob

    Wanted Hammock

    Have a look at Napsack hammocks , no affiliation just a satisfied customer .
  12. Madriverrob

    Trip Report Last weekends camp

    Nice vid mate , thanks for sharing
  13. Madriverrob

    Petrochemicals 3,333 post competition.* ENDED SUPPLY ADDRESSES PLEASE*

    Very generous, wish I’d seen this at the time
  14. Madriverrob

    Bushcraft alone - North Yorkshire?

    Can’t beat a Firebox ..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Madriverrob

    Brockwell wood?

    Dropped you a PM .
  16. Madriverrob

    Brockwell wood?

    Been quite a few times , great place , numerous spots to camp in , when dry can get car quite close otherwise a walk in from farm house , plenty of established fire pits , not much standing deadwood ( can take some logs or buy from owner ) , there is a natural water source ( I would filter and...
  17. Madriverrob

    Bushcraft alone - North Yorkshire?

    I wild camp regularly on the North Yorkshire Coast , always have a small controlled fire
  18. Madriverrob

    Woods Folk Spoon

    Lovely mate
  19. Madriverrob

    Northern monk /haze beer

    Nice find A strong stout , good job you just bought the one
  20. Madriverrob

    anybody near Scarborough?

    Not sure Myself and @bopdude get out regularly around the coast from Scarborough up , not been down Brid way yet though